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  1. Very nice book. Congrats. Dang that Recil Macon ! ! ! !
  2. There is a certain Strange Tales #1 .......... I think you should de slab that puppy and give it a good ol' fashion reading.. I TRIPLE DOG DARE YA ! ! ! ! ! ! ! It's just screaming to be let out of it's slab... Ya know it is... I mean it's only fair. I've read my 9.8 Possible 9.9 White Pages ASM # 129 ya know!!!!!!
  3. He is a cool bird. I hope he get's better ASAP..
  4. You'd throw stones, paint it, kick it and otherwise defile a nice and polite sign..
  5. Ya Ok....... What are you?? Leader of the band, general?? Like I care what you have to say....
  6. Since when were people on the Probation List NOT ALLOWED to sell?? That persons selling thread may of gotten hammered by others saying don't deal with this person because..... But they could still put a for sale thread up. As it has been stated before. Some would deal with Satan if he had the book they wanted at a good price. Or word's to that affect. There are other places to sell funny book's. My Ebay feedback is 100%. About 97% of that rating is comic book related...
  7. Per request. Quote removed out of respect for Michael Layne Turner (April 21, 1971 – June 27, 2008)
  8. I just sent a guy an e-mail. Local ad in the on-line classifieds. He sent me a scan of the book. It look's like it was never read. It is a first print as well. I will have to get my nephew Porcupine48 to check it out with me. If things go well I will have my second TMNT 1 soon.
  9. I'm not a big fan of the signature series. Though I understand why someone could be. I had seen this book with a few more SS books at this store. I got it for an excellent price. Along with two other raw variants. He has a few others as well. I may just have to get another SS book!! Point taken on the white pages..
  10. I just got this book from a local store. I liked the 4 signatures on it. The grade and PQ didn't hurt either.
  11. My 4KPost......I'd like to thank the academy... My ISP, My laptop.. Sniff,sniff....
  12. The right knee ACL tear will keep the book in the 8.5 area. IMHO
  13. The books age and the fact that the CT is very minor. The CGC folks are allowed to give a book like this the Blue Label w/notation. It's mostly in the books age though. A certain date and before are allowed very minor forms of CT, Glue, etc....