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  1. The grade would greatly depend on just how bad the color fading is. If it is major. A 9.0 would become a 6.0 - 6.5 pretty easily. If the fading is minor. I would guess it would become a 7.0 - 7.5 book. IMHO The grade could also differ depending on what cover was affected. The FC would be the worst. The BC not as critical. But it would certainly take a pretty good hit grade wise. It's hard to judge. It would go on a book by book scenario.
  2. this has to be the picture that closed the beautiful girls thread... I'd bet she would deny using steroids!!!
  3. It was simply a clarification. Someone here thought it was a . As in "ya right". Well as a matter of fact. It is "ya right". No more, no less. A lot of people make a good living racing horses. A horse is supposed to stand in a dirty stall and possibly do very serious harm to there feet? Not mine. So there stalls are kept clean. It's part of the job. I just proved a post I had made in regards to training horses was 100% truthful. I proved the poster that didn't think I trained horses Wrong. Time to move on.
  4. Just for clarification Someone here thought I didn't train race horse{s}. Go to www.harnessdriver.com Then to Photo's, page 3. Dewers Gingernlime photo. I am the person wearing the brown Stetson. That can be proven as well. Porcupine 48 knows me very, very well. No trolling or masking here. Just simple clarification.
  5. Code word's??... Back away from the comic book's.... I can actually train a race horse and have done so very successfully... Mortage payments are NP, I will speak my mind. Nobody on a chat board is going to tell me what to do... Get a life... Try Scoop or other mouth wash. You may or may not get that krappy smell out of your mouth... 50/50 shot at best.... More complete and a utter waste of bandwidth....
  6. Anyone here have a $1,100 held over there held like a clever? Didn't think so..... Spare me the it wouldn't of happened to me.... Concerns he had. The holding of a book that was bought and paid for IN FULL? Not there's anymore. Just in there possession.?? I don't think so..
  7. As do I. You don't see it that way. There is nothing I can do or say to change that is there? Agree to dis agree is the best that can happen here. So I for one agree to dis agree.
  8. I have never been a smoker and have had a very limited amount of Alcohol. You can have at it Paratrooper... If you don't drink or smoke. Good for you.
  9. I like egging on the soap opera. Adam. I would indeed apologize if I had said something that was not true. Or said in the heat of the moment. So on the issue of the Flying/hotel room. I accept your apology. The PM's between us have been heated, but professional and for the most part courteous. I don't think I have said this to you before Adam. So I might as well do it here. Thank You very much for sending the Avengers 4 to me. It arrived well packed and harm free.There was a slight crack in the case. Adam said the slab was fine when he packed it up. I have no reason to doubt him. It's no big deal as it is far away from the actual book. No need to re slab it. As far as who would or wouldn't do business with me.. This isn't the only place that comic book/OA etc can be bought and sold. I have never called anyone a name or some slight first. Though I have responded in kind at times. If Adam want's to start a conversation with me via PM's that is fine with me. Like I said above. The PM's while heated, have been "restrained" for the lack of a better word. If I want to talk to Adam. I can PM him as well. It may very well happen. Just not at this exact moment and time.... I'll stop feeding the soap opera now. Adam stopped awhile ago. I should of followed his lead perhaps.....
  10. Sorry, but I didn't vote in this poll... Like it matters. It's fodder for the masses. Just like my responses here are.. I will await this Pm about flying me in/hotel room on him. One deal BS. A six year old could see it two different deals, not one. Let the Soap Opera continue...
  11. Sorry but there was never, ever, one price listed for these book's. I defy anybody, Adam included to show me any type of communication saying there is. It doesn't exist. Two unique and distinct deals here. Different time, book, price, payment, etc... An example being "Well you owe me X for these two book's. Let's get this started" or something along those lines. Again, it doesn't exist. Two Books, Two totally different deals. Same seller and buyer that's it, that's all. Slight Misrepresentation? Seriously?? Flying to driving? Mentioning a hotel room? That equals anyone saying "I'll FLY" you in, get you a nice hotel room, ON ME??? What planet are you from? That isn't a "slight misrepresentation" by any stretch of the imagination. As a matter of fact. I mentioned this road trip/hotel to a person on these boards when that PM was sent. I said : Just who will be paying for this trip/hotel" Adam never said he was. I again ask him to show proof he said he was. Implying he would pay because that's the way he does things just doesn't cut it. We had never done business before.. Never Again either.
  12. I am still waiting for this PM Adam. You know the one where you offer to fly me to Rochester and put me up in a nice hotel room. You said you did send that PM. You said this in a response to a Divad post. I can quote it if you like..... But we both know it doesn't exist. So who was right and who was wrong Adam? A road trip to Rochester does not mean flying there the last time I checked. No mention of you putting me up in a nice hotel. Just getting a nice hotel room. I don't see any "I'll pay for this, that... I will check back every now and then for this PM... I mean if you made up this stuff. I suppsose you could make up other C rap as well. I am very comfortable with what I did. None of you know the law to well I guess. You can't keep something that is not yours. No matter what you would like to do. It is illegal plain and simple. I got the book all right. After I filed "a bad business decision" Pay Pal Dispute. Have fun with the train ride folks. I hope he poll goes to 119 for 0 against.. Like I give a rats azz...
  13. Torch, Thank You. My wife is feeling much better. There was no message to be sent. That's just it. Plain and simple. When I did start payments, I paid off the Avengers 4 first. It was the first deal we made. When Adam held that book over my head like a big thunder storm directly overhead. That was it. I got really, really pizzed off. That is the exact moment when I knew the H T 1 was not going to happen. That is the truth. I can't help it if people don't think so. But that is IT in a nutshell as it were.. Adam.......... I'm still waiting for that PM.............. Should I start the theme to the t.v. show Jeopardy??
  14. I'm still waiting for this PM Offer to fly me down with a nice hotel to boot. I hear H ell is starting to freeze over! It will be totally frozen before this non existent PM is ever found!! I'm waiting Adam. As are a few fellow board members are I'm sure.. Let me guess. You didn't save it!!!!! You can't save what isn't there.........
  15. Unless I am wrong, and I might be. What Divad is saying is this. I was wrong for not sending payments when I had said I would. We were both wrong for not getting exact times, money amounts due dates, etc in a concrete manner. Adam was wrong with holding a book I had bought and paid for in full.... If I am wrong Divad, I do apologize. Adam... What are you smoking? You offered to fly me down? A hotel room??? Are you serious??? I await the PM you say you have that say's this.... What you did say was something along the lines of this. Come on down to Rochester. You can give me the DP for the HT 1 and pick up the Avengers 4 at the same time. I Absolutely await the exact PM saying you offered to fly me down w/hotel room... I can't wait for this. Fire away with that PM Adam. Fire Away.
  16. If Sergio thinks he is entitled to that money back. He can PM me and we will talk it over. Believe it or not. I am a reasonable person. Could I of communicated better, made definitive dates for payments? Yes, I could have, but didn't. That was and is on me and Adam. As Divad said. The terms should of been set in concrete, as it were. But as Divad also pointed out. Adam's with holding of the book was not right either.. It's 6 of those and half a dozen of that... If you look at all of the post's on this subject. You will see I have not called anyone a foul or stupid name first. Though I have responded in like kind to that person{s}.
  17. You should know TeddieMercede. Go with the lowest denominator. Probably your strong suit. As far as pride goes. What about it? A book I bought and paid for in full was raised over my head to pressure me. That has not nor will it ever sit well with me. It wasn't his book anymore. Ownership was/is 100% mine. Just the actual book was not in my possession. Certain things can get someone pizzed off. For me the over the head thing really pizzed me off. I hope this can be worked out. If it can that would great. If it can't be. So be it. Both Adam and I are pretty pizzed off at each other. Who knows... Maybe Adam and I will talk again. Throughout this situation we have been mad but have pretty much been courteous and professional in our PM's. Time Will Tell. It Always Does... If anyone thinks me being "outed" in this situation will bother me. You are very sadly mistaken..... Check the list.......
  18. So says the dancing chicken....... You must be a really bad mind reader. Since you think to know what I was thinking... Which was/is 100% wrong... Doesn't KFC have a job for you?
  19. I'm just shaken to the core.... NOT!! Had the Avengers 4 of been sent without the Pay for this or else type PM.. This thread wouldn't be happening. So Just so you all know.. Fact: Avengers put up for sale. I took it. Fact: HT 1 put up for sale. Took it. Fact: Family issues occured. Fact: My predicted DP payments were missed. My Bad. Fact: Family issues resolve. Fact: Avengers paid for in full. Fact: Adam wont send the book. Fact: Adam tries to hold the Avengers as a sort of money guarantee. Fact: Adam says the books are one deal Fact: There are two deals here. Not one. Different book, grade, time. price, etc. Fact: I wont be Coerced into anything. Fact: A few deals to just end the whole thing are made by Adam. Fact: Each deal has me loosing around $1,000 Fact; I flatly refuse to give into pressure tactics of a very suspect nature. IMHO. Fact Pay Pal claim filed for non delivery of goods. Fact. PM from Adam. my claim was "A bad business decision". Fact: Book sent Next Day. Fact: I don't deal with people who try to use other done/completed deals as a type of pressure tactic. That's it, that's all. Go ahead and do the Fact: Blah Blah Blah I really don't care. I'm not at all happy it went the way it did. I highly doubt Adam is either.... Don't ever try using pressure tactics on me. It will only go bad for both parties....... The cat sign is just too funny... Oh I'm so shaken, What will I do?
  20. ...and in two years, your name will still be at the top of the Probation List.... (thumbs u This changes my life how?? I did what I did. Adam did what he did.... We will always agree to dis-agree. Life goes on...
  21. All of the people reading this thread can think what they want to think. I have answered Adam's Probation List thread. I can go on and on. Copy and Paste this and that. I don't go for this type of stuff. I did what I did with a complete and clear conscience. I can't and wont try to prove anything to anyone but myself.. Carry On..... I will be sure to check this thread out at some point in the next 2 or so years...