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  1. The Bills suck monkey balls... Yes, Yes they do.............
  2. I wouldn't ever spray a book. But I dis agree with the statement that a book slabbed by the CGC Does NOT add value. Sure it does. You can look every day. Slabbed book A. Universal 9.4 sells for X amount of dollars. The same exact book, un slabbed sells for less $$. I am not saying this is a bad thing. Your getting industry experts looking at the book. The restoration check is worth added value all by itself. Plus grading experts assigning a grade to the book. I may or may not agree with the grade. That is my decision. But that grade will be seen as a legitimate opinion on the book's grade. All of this add's up to value being added to the book. The restoration check isn't up for debate. Either the book is 100% original or it isn't. Though some lee way is given on the older book's and certain types of restoration. An example would be a book from 1938. It has a very small amount of dried glue on the top staple/spine area. It will be given a Blue/Un Restored grade.... A slabbed CGC book gives the potential seller/buyer as much information on that book as they can have. It gives a peace of mind to both parties. You know what you are, or are not getting. The right information can make all the difference in the world. I have de-slabbed one CGC book. It was/is a Hulk 181. It was assigned a grade of 8.0 White Pages, Universal Blue Label. I bought the book slabbed. I have never submitted a book to The CGC. I did however have absolute perfect high res. scans of the book in hand before my purchase. I sold it raw as a 9.2 White Pages, Un Restored. I told the buyer it had been graded by the CGC. It was in my Ebay feedback. He looked at the book in person. We both agreed they had simply "missed the mark" on the grade. I sold the book for exactly $450 more than what I bought it for. The buyer knew it. He was quite happy. At the time I had sold it for about $125.00 less than what a slabbed 9.2 was going for. The book was indeed sent into the fine folks in Sarasota. The book came back @ a 9.2 OW/White pages. I know this has been a long post. Sorry about that!! But a slabbed CGC book does/will sell for more $$$. Why would a person just not take great care when handling there books? I've never even heard of this spray before . A signature added to a book will add some value. Unlike this spray. The signature is the artist/creator singing there work with there own hand. Not some ink stamp plate. The artist/creator is putting there name on the book themselves. IT IS the artist{s} signing there creation{s}. This spray is just Don't fix it if it ain't broke!!!!
  3. At least my five year old knows how to use a computer and spell...... Next up is learning how to fix them when they fail.... You can post away. I don't like flames much.... This guy and his "I made every woman in my life read the book and give me there opinion" Well... I think he needs to find other things to do. It is a comic book. Not a manual on how someone should live there lives!! Someone pre screened the books for him. A few came back lower than what they pre screened as.. Oh Well. Life in the big city can be a ^&*(@ some times....
  4. Your ignorance would be bliss... I'm not convinced of anything. I just stated who I thought it may be... Being close to a professional isn't professional now is it?? College football is close to pro football.... But there not the same... Think what you want. I don't give a rats azz.... Now go and press some comic book's or something.... I don't have time for your little name calling and hissy fit's... Lunatic theories?? I looked it up. Your picture was used in the description... OOpssssssssss My bad. That was under Lunatic.....
  5. This guy has a Watchmen fixation. He isn't going to tell anybody anything. I never, ever said Mr. Nelson isn't very good at what he does. I have seen his work. He is very good at his chosen craft. STFU yourself.... He said the person was supported on this web-site. " Avery big hint" as he called it. That doesn't leave to many people to choose from now does it. He admits he is not a comic grader. So why not go to someone who knows all about them? Matt Nelson fit's the bill better than anyone else on here that is "supported" on the board. Matt Nelson restores comic books and other like products. He IS NOT a professional comic book grader. He doesn't work for The CGC. PGX, ACE, etc... He can grade a comic book. Of that I have very little doubt. But it isn't what he does for a living, now is it? It really doesn't matter who it is. The man isn't happy with the grades his book's got. After being pre screened by someone he considers to be a expert in the field. Matt Nelson will pre screen books for certain grades. But he can't guarantee those grades. He isn't the one sitting in a grading room in Sarasota with other professional graders. What he can do is tell you if a book has been restored. What work was done, how well it was done. Of that there is no doubt. Plus do all the work himself. His reputation is just fine. He is known to be one of the best restorers there is. Why? He let's his work do all the talking.... Steve Borock was the head grader at CGC. He can grade a comic book. Maybe he can even do a little restoration. His reputation isn't going to suffer because he can't press a book or add pieces to one... He wasn't hired to do that when he was brought into the CGC. He was brought in to help get a comic grading book company off of the ground. He did his job very well. 'Nuff Said.
  6. The only thing getting pulled out of your !@# is Kling On T.P. Try the softer stuff. Your brain will thank you. Seems you sit on it all the time.... The last time you suspected anything. It turned out to be a thought. You gave it up for lack of understanding.... You Flushed it right down the pipes...
  7. This poster said this board supports the grader. That isn't to many people. Most likely a advertiser on these boards. Matt Nelson would be the logical pick. But as I stated it could be the guy's at Comic Link. But that isn't very likely. So put that up your &*@ and see who salutes it... Matt Nelson is one of the best there is at restoring, pressing, etc. The last time I looked he wasn't a professional comic book grader as his sole way of earning a living.. Though I'm sure he could be if he wanted too. His job is to restore/press/conserve comic books and other like materials. He himself has said he is not a professional comic book grader. He will give his opinion{pre screen} on the condition of a book His opinion on the grade of a book would have to be given very serious consideration. Especially to a person who is not familiar with the way a comic book should be graded. Who else is supported on these boards that would make more sense than Matt Nelson?? I am not sure. But Steve Borock may take book's for a professional pre screening. So much money for each book. He could give you his opinion on that $400 or that $50K book. His restoration detection ability would be of a tremendous help as well. But even Mr. Borock would have to add that he cannot guarantee the grade he assigned the book. He isn't the final grader at CGC anymore. I would imagine he would be very, very accurate to the grade The CGC would give the book!! (thumbs u
  8. This site supports this expert grader? Or is this grader a sponsor of this board? I think I have the name of this grader. It has to be Matt Nelson of Classics Inc. Or the Comic Link guys. But I'm going to go with Matt Nelson. He is a well respected expert in his field of restoration. If it is Matt Nelson. Then he needs to sharpen his grading abilities. He should be able to grade at a better clip than 43%!! He is a Restoration Expert. Not a professional comic book grader however. I'd ask his opinion as to why the book's came back lower than his estimates. He will of course, want to be paid for that opinion..
  9. Yes The CGC was indeed picking on him. Let him continue his crazy, unfounded drivel. I want the "expert graders" name. Unless it was Steve Borock or someone at the same skill level. I'm not interested... Maybe theses books were graded by some dude at a local Antiques Road Show type deal.... A. Name of this so called "expert grader" B. Scans of the book's. Both before and after there being graded. Or C. Shut the hell up and grow up.... You "made" all the women in your life read The Watchmen. Then you had them give you there opinion?? Seriously.... I enjoy collecting, investing, reading comic book's. But your passion for this book has got some really bizarre hold on you. I'd seek some kind of professional help/advice. Your post's come off like the end of the world is at hand and you can't save the comic book's.... Holy Smokes! I'd hate to think what this guy would do if anyone called these books garbage or just a nice bunch of stories. He'd flip out and go postal by the sounds of it... Geezzzzzzzzzzz
  10. I agree....... He should put the pipe down.......
  11. If someone has a nice, solid 8.0 book but the cover is detached. It will automatically take a HUGE nose dive in grade. Pretty much automatic to a 4.5 Max... 4.5 is the highest grade I have seen on a book with a detached cover. But The CGC does not use Overstreet grading guidelines.