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  1. I guess you didn't read my post mschmidt........ Nothing to hide with this situation.... I'm not PM'ing Adam. Nor is he Pm'ing me. Work's fine for me.
  2. Adam. Go ahead and post your PM to me saying you'll send me the $1,100 It doesn't exist. Your Pm was a "might happen, could be, possible proposal" sort of. Post it, be my guest. I have that PM as well don't forget!! I didn't with hold anything that was bought and paid for IN FULL. You did, not me. One deal/transaction? No, there not. Not even close. A 25K Loan? That is laughable. I do have the PM's with your "I'll keep all what I think I am owed and send you back the difference,dead deal"{paraphrasing} statements/proposals. Possibly $100 back to me We are never going to agree. That is the bottom line, plain and simple Keeping a book that has been bought and paid for is your idea of a fair deal, Not mine. As far as the payments go. Detectivekid27 is correct. My fault for helping my wife go through the roughest time in her life. Mine too for that matter. Comics or Family... I will always choose my family and loved one's. It does not mean I was not going to send the payments however. I was and had planned to. That was proven with the full and complete payments on the first deal/book. I got the first deal out of the way first. It was after all the first deal we had made. The with holding of the first deal/book is what leads to this situation. So be it...
  3. Both deals were put on a side burner. Family health issues. When those issues were done with. Immediate payments were made. I don't deny that Adam was very understanding in this regard. He was very understanding. I paid the first deal off in full. This was the first deal. I waited to get the first book. It didn't arrive. A few post's later Adam says he wont send the first book until the second book is started. This is the second deal. Sorry but I am not in the habit of giving people money when there holding property that is, in effect mine. Just not delivered yet. There are no double standards. I didn't with hold sending a book that was bought and paid for IN FULL in a totally different deal/transaction.
  4. Adam. I was told to keep this professional and I will. You have PM's, as do I. I don't really care. You held a book that was PAID FOR IN FULL. A book that was bought and paid for in a totally different, unique, singular deal. They were NEVER COMBINED, NEVER!! You in your mind decided to all of the sudden make it a one deal transaction when in total fact, THEY ARE NOT!! A six year old could be able to see theses were two different deals... I'm supposed to hand over money to a person that is holding my property as hostage? I don't think so. A 25K loan? That is laughable. Wanting someone else to pay for your business decisions? That only happens in the auto/banking industry...
  5. Time payments are exactly that. Giving a person time to pay for whatever they are getting. Each situation is different. I had every intention of sending the payments. His holding the Avengers 4 as some type of guarantee in his mind is what got me... Very unhappy shall we say. Concerns he had? Sure I can see that. Holding onto property that is paid for in full? Property that is a totally different deal/transaction? No, I don't think so... He thinks these two different, singular, unique deals were/are one deal, one transaction. There not!! Discuss, slam, agree, whatever.... Beyonder: I had sent him complete and full payment for the Avengers 4. He wanted to keep 90% of that money. Then the HT 1 deal would of been dead. I told him "No Thanks" to that proposal. He also said that I had borrowed $25K for those whatever months it was while waiting for the payments on the HT1 to commence. I laughed out loud at that comment actually. He wanted to be paid the interest on this so called "loan". Again, I said No How, No Way..
  6. First off I didn't know I was on the probation thread. So here we go. I posted the on an Avengers 4 first. Later on I posted the on the Human Torch 1. I admit to not making the payments as per I had hoped to do. My wife was having a rough go of things with her MS. That was and always be my concern. Family over comics any day of the week. My wife started to feel better after a long, tough bit of time. Then my mom who just recently lost her husband, my father, got sick. An operation she had ended up with some complications. That took a bit of time. Adam was understanding. So for what it is worth, thanks. So after things with my personal life calmed down and got better. I was able to give the comics the attention they deserved. I immediaetly started paying for the Avengers 4. I had it paid off in a fairly fast manner. Not including the time that my family took from me. If anyone thinks that comics are more important than comics. Then that is on them, not me. I PM Adam asking when I will be getting the Avengers 4. It is paid for in full. After some time, I hear back from Adam. He has decided to hold onto the fully paid for Avengers 4 until I send him some money for the HT1. BTW. I had 16 months to pay for the HT 1. Time payments were set. 16 month's. After some PM's. It is clear to me Adam will not be shipping the book. He sends me a few PM's saying and I am paraphrasing here. "At no time did we have an agreement for me to pay for the book in 16 months time". I can get the exact PM quote if need be. He tried to use Coercion on me IMHO by holding onto the Avengers 4 IMHO.. That was the straw that broke the camels back as the old saying goes. If he would of sent me the Avengers 4 after receiving full payment for the book. This thread would not be happening. I did have 16 months to pay for the book don't forget. While I can see his concern about payment. I did indeed start payments and completed the payments on the Avengers 4. Within the specified time frame we had arranged. So having a week or so before I wouldn't be able to file a claim with Pay Pal for non delivery of the book. I started a file/dispute with them. I was sent a PM by Adam saying that and again I am paraphrasing " It was a poor business decision on my part". I guess having the claim/dispute filed got Adam to re think his holding onto the Avengers 4 as a type of guarantee that I would be paying for the HT 1. The book was sent next day delivery to me, Finally. Adam also sent other proposals as what he should think should happen. All of which had me loosing $1,000 or there about's. I have all these proposals saved. All of these were sent well within the 16 months. I Pm'd him back asking what the time payments were for then. He didn't respond. He also came up with a offer to simply end the deal. He keeps $1,000 of the money I sent him. I can have back the balance. You can imagine what my reply was. Keep in mind that both parties while upset, were professional and fairly courteous to each other via these PM's. To make sure I was within the agreement. I asked a few on these boards for there opinions. I WILL NOT say who they are. I told them I wouldn't and I wont. If they choose to respond to this, so be it. As of this response by me. The 16 month deadline is nowhere near. The one's I asked agreed that while Adam did have a concern about the payments. I was well within the 16 months. Plus they agreed he had no right to hold onto the other book that was paid for In Full. I will post some of his replies to me as well. Especially his "we had no deal for me to buy the book by 16 months time" statement. If some of you think I am wrong in this matter, so be it. I do not think I am. Using Coercion IMHO was the straw that was simply to much for me... Coercion is Illegal the last time I checked.. The actual quote from Adam via PM. " At no point did we have a deal that you could pay the entire $25,000 in the 16th month if you wanted to. " I ask what are time payment for then? He also thought/thinks that the Avengers 4 and the Human Torch 1 was one single deal/transaction. It is obvious that they are two totally different and independent transactions. Different books. different price, grade, payment arrangements. Both were posted at two different times as well. It was not a "these two book's" type of deal. That is what transpired here. No screaming, yelling type of PM's. After the one deal was completed fully. He decided to hold onto that book to try and force me to send him a payment for the Human Torch 1. Coercion comes to mind. IMHO Concerns he may of had. Sure I will agree with that. The timing of the personal issues was indeed horrible. But I can't control that. But I did make the first deal happen within the set guide lines. I would of kept the second deal going as well. But he decided to call it 1{one} transaction and hold the book I had bought and paid for in full. He also tried to get me to pay for his decision making process. I had no clue he had a partner on the book. I had no clue he bought his partner out on the book either. Yet he wanted me to pay the interest for the "money advance" he got from his C.C. to pay his partner off. All of which I have in PM sent by him. Sorry but that was his doing, not mine. I wont pay for his business decisions. Be they good, bad, or indifferent. That's it folks. Debate, name call. make good or bad remarks. If I feel the need to post again I will. His thinking that if he held onto the Avengers 4would get me to send him money was Ill Fated from the start. 16{sixteen} months to pay for the book. After his attempted holding of the book and the after math of that. This is the end result. All of this and he said I could still uyt books from him. Payment then get whatever it is I was/could be buying. That isn't going to happen. As Stan Lee would say 'Nuff Said... For now anyway..
  7. Thanks. I bought it a few years ago. Selling it for exactly what I paid for it then... Hopefully it will find a nice new home!!
  8. Here we have a very nice early X-Men 14. It grades as a very sharp 8.5 OW Pages. Un Touched, All Original. Usual forum rules apply. The get's the book. 100% Money Back Guarantee if your not happy with the book. USPS MO, Pay Pal, Check{must clear}. Shipping is at the exact cost to get the book to you. Tracking No. Insurance is a must. $175 Plus shipping.. Thanks for taking a look.
  9. I agree 110%. Excellent information. It is very much appreciated. A lot of time, effort, money has/can/will be needed to be able to be good at detecting restoration. Thanks to all that have added to this thread...
  10. The photo's are a bit small. But it doesn't looked trimmed to me.... Go have a look in person. That's what I would do...
  11. Not near as long as it does to get the books back once there graded.
  12. I highly doubt the 9.9 would sell for 50K. The seller would tell the person to go home and come back with a real offer. I would say it would sell for $75 - 85K range. Anyone who paid that for a 9.9 181 is either crazy and or very rich... I'd dump it and go for the lowly 9.8 and other assorted book's...
  13. He was probably thinking along the lines of Ah ha ha ha Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive.....
  14. I'm far from being an artist. But give me a Sharpie and watch out!!! I'll turn that 6 right around to a 9.
  15. Or you can skip most of the above mentioned post and ask Nik ... Seriously though. I truly believe Nik knows what The CGC is looking for in grading a book. Nik understands what will get hammered and what will not. He saves a lot of money by doing this as well. If he want's a book to grade @ X.X He finds a book he thinks will fit that grade. This saves a lot of money in grading fee's, and saves a lot of time as well. The better a person understands the grading criteria. The better off there going to be. Surprises do and will happen to though. That book you thought was a 9.4 comes back a 9.6, and vice-versa. Study slabbed book's. Try to figure out why a certain book got the grade it did. The sooner you can figure this out. The better off you will be.