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Multi-Signature Megathread!!!
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By popular demand, here's a thread to showcase the books that are signed to a gratuitous extent! In my mind, anything 3 or more qualifies, but I'm sure there are some out there who will blow that number away.


Here's mine to start:



Let's see 'em, graded or not!

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Got this one in a trade with Jesper, 5x signed by Dodson, Brubaker, Quesada, Ross, & Fraction... I'd love to one day get Land and Stan Lee added to it.



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This is my kind of Thread!!! My only regret is that I don't have too many books with more than 3 signatures. Anyway, keep 'em coming!




Wolverine Nabisco Variant Signed by Yu, Sienkiewicz and Vines.



Hulk 181 signed by Trimpe, JRSR, Stan Lee and Len Wein



X-men 266 Signed by Stan Lee, Jim Lee, Andy Kubert and Claremont


X-Men #1 (all 4 covers) signed by Jim Lee, Claremont and Scott Williams. (On Hold)



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Wow !!Turner is hella' popular with all folks, So far the posted ones are crazy cool, I remember when that Turner sketch was up for sell, looks a lot better than back then. I hope this thread continuous fo rnoths and months on end, koolest concept. :banana:

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I guess I should put my big one up.... it's got:

Neal Adams, George Perez, Paul Levitz, Carmine Infantino, Tony Dezuniga, Joe Kubert, Jim Starlin, and Walt Simonson


It's my SS pride and joy right now. Not even my Gibbons Doctor Who book competes with this one. ;)



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