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Cool thread!


I bought these off the shelf at my LCS when they first came out:






Man, those are such great covers!! This one has to be my favorite Tick cover of 'em all though...




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Someone got an amazing deal the other night on Ebay winning a Tick Special 1 CGC 9.6 for $112.




Pretty sure I would cry if I were the seller...


No kidding. I predict that same book will be in a CGC SS 9.8 case one day.

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On a side note, I have a 9.6 WP special edition 1 and raw 2-5 and a couple other Tick books (VF/NM to NM) I have been toying around listing on the boards for $250. Does anyone think there will be interest there?

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Look forward to it, Sam.

I have another surprise Tick book I'll be showing off along with the #2.



Stay tuned. :cool:

I will have an announcement later this week! :acclaim:

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