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And you're saying that above that the no-logo # 12 has four different back cover versions, right?
I believe that's correct. Here's the front of my Diamond edition:




Yup, this is the front cover of all four.

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How did you find all of these Tick books?


In order to finish my first-print set back in the pre-Ebay days of 1994, I actually went to a New England Comics store in Boston, but--while well-stocked in the regular issues, they didn't even have any Special Editions in stock.


And you're saying that above that the no-logo # 12 has four different back cover versions, right?




NEC put out a Tick catalog once or twice a year. The early ones were much like the newsletters being made of newsprint paper, saddle stitched, magazine size. Later catalogs were heavier stock paper folded like broadsheet newspapers.


They had just about every Tick product made listed. Toys, variants, paper plates, party favors, bubble bath, band aids, etc...


The NEC Newsletters I got from the Brockton, MA store, which I lived near. But you would also get them if you used their "FFAST" pre-order/mail order service.


The ashcan Tick sold out after the one 1996 catalog listing. The Chainsaw Vigilante variants took at least several years to sell out, they're listed in all the catalogs you see pictured: Summer-Fall 1996, Winter 1997-98, and the foldout one later in Christmas Season 1998.


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Some more rarities:




For issue #12 NEC produced four different variant cardstock covers stamped with serial numbers:


Convention Edition (1000 printed)

Diamond Edtion (1000 printed)

Capital City Edition (1000 printed)

Tick Society Edition (2000 printed, must be a MOAV member to get this one)


The picture above is actually of the back covers. The front is the same as regular issue without the logos and a foil stamped tick symbol on chair Tick is sitting on. There is no printing on the inside covers and therefore no indicia.


I don't know why I never joined MOAV to get the last one, dang-it.



Had to dig, but here is the Tick Society Edition.




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This was the first slab I ever got, bought it this summer and was worth every penny :D


lol almost completely missed out on it in the auction, I am just glad I managed to land it.


I recognize the book...JJs?


I dunno who that is. I would have to look it up, got it on eBay

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