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Gil Kane Cover Thread
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I never realized this was Kane before. I guess if I would have looked closer I would have noticed Kane anatomy with the Vision and Scarlett Witch. But in the original cover, stuff like Thor's left hand is far more Romita to me. What stories are in that book? I've never seen it before.




Even stranger is when you compare the two, they were inked by two different inkers - the annual looks like Esposito and the Avengers #122 was by Romita. Lots of obvious differences like Thor's hands, Thor's face, etc.


Did Esposito ink it first, then Romita got a hold of it before publication? Strange.


Or was it vice versa and someone lightbox it from the #122 art for the Annual?

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Gil Kane did the most amazing Human Torch depiction of any artist. Look at those stunning FF covers at the top of this page. Then look at the Submariner 44 cover 2 posts above this message. Hhhhmmmmm....the Human Torch looks blah. Gil Kane definitely drew Namor on that cover, but the Torch looks more like John Romita's pencils.

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Gil Kane was my favorite Marvel artist as a kid. Right up there with Neal Adams who was my number one over at DC. My favorite combination was Gil Kane/John Romita. Could never get enough of those two.


Absolutely. Spider-man never looked so good as with Kane's spectacular pencil work and story telling and Romita's beautiful inks. Issues #88 - 122 are just amazing. Especially issue #90. Wow!

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