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  1. I haven’t sold comics here yet. But I have about a short box of duplicates and under copies that I am considering posting here for a Silver/Bronze sales thread. if I did, would you all be gentle with me?
  2. BTW, the Silver Snail abandoned their upstairs location with the cafe, and has moved back to its original location on Queen St.
  3. Now and Then was indeed a great store, and I got a lot of my silver age collection shopping there in the 80s when I went to the University of Waterloo. But Andy never managed Now and Then; he only worked there as an employee. Harry was the boss until his death. After he died, a fan who had zero work ethic convinced some people to invest and buy the business. He then ran it into the ground.
  4. Elementals was an amazing series that never found the success it deserved. Check it out in the dollar bin if you missed it.
  5. Showcase is the Silver Gae title that separates the men from the boys, due to the many first appearances. The ones I have include:
  6. No need to waste room in the cockpit of a jet aircraft on useless parachutes!
  7. “My friends were alter boys and wanted me to do it too but I always was apprehensive around priests.” ***************** There’s a standup comic who said “I was an alter boy. No, no priests ever molested me. No matter what I wore.”
  8. Kaboom Emperor? Yes Rico. Kaboom Alderan.
  9. I grew up down the road from you in St. Mary’s, and if we didn’t make it to the CNE in Toronto, then we went to the Western Fair. I understand it was exactly the same rides, just shipped down HWY 401.
  10. I will be very interested to hear how long the process takes, as I have heard unflattering things about the wait for non modern books,
  11. How and why is this only a 6.5? I see a couple of minor spine ticks on the front cover. On the back, near the top, it looks a little rolled. 6.5 seems really harsh, unless there is something wrong inside.
  12. Some pickups this weekend from Carry On Comics in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
  13. Happy Good Friday to all! Here are today’s pickups from the Comic Warehouse in Kitchener, where stat holidays are unheard of for their staff:
  14. From time to time on these boards, we have rallied to the financial help of a member who has become disabled or worse, died, leaving their family in a financial bind. And it’s great that we do that, and no one should feel shy about asking for help when they need it! Please continue doing so. I’m just saying…if you can afford to buy new comics every month at your LCS, or buy old comics here, then you can spare the money to get some minimal level of death or disability insurance. We are all getting up there in years, as shown by our grey hair, or less hair every day. The statistics come for each and every one of us one day. When it’s your turn, please make sure you have done what was possible to look after your family. Now some levity to lighten the serious mood:
  15. Wow! I was about to ask why you didn’t have Galileo and K7 kits, but they were just vacationing in another cabinet. Love those old AMT Star Trek models! They were the gift of choice whenever my childhood friends had birthdays in the late 70s.
  16. Does anyone know why DC was so reluctant to have Superman and Batman in the JLA or on the cover for the first 30 issues or so?
  17. That happened to me once at the Comics Warehouse in Kitchener.
  18. I HATE going to a comic store and the staff saying “ Oh, the boss is at a show this weekend with all the good stuff.”
  19. My two Toronto go tos for Silver Age back issues are not on your map. Google Silver Snail, and Paradise Comics. And I am happy to hear from native Torontonians if there are other good sources for Silver Age books.