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Giant Size X-Men #1 and/or X-Men 94 Club
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I've searched to the best of my ability and have not found a club for either of these two books in this forum. If there is one, please lock/delete/merge this thread into that one!


I toyed with creating separate threads, but I think these two books are so closely related that they really belong together.


My two are raw...






Post yours!

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I thought for sure they had to. I went back through 15 of the 96 pages in this forum. And I searched the last two years with search terms "GSXM" and "Giant" with and without "Club." Got nothing. But that doesn't mean I'm any good at searching!

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Beautiful books in here guys! Keep it up! I'm loving the slabs...



I don't own either if this books but planning on it someday. If I had to choose I would go with the GSX first then work my way to the other one, there is just too much going on in the #94 cover. Don't get me wrong planning on having both


That's the order I did it and would again. GSXM1 first, then XM94. It's funny, the XM94's cover has really grown on me over time. Originally, I thought it was too busy as well and didn't really get the hype. I'm not sure what caused the change, but I very much like the cover now. Weird?

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