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Have you seen the notes on that book? What brought that grade? It looks amazing in the scans.


There is a slight crunch at the top of the spine. It is almost invisible looking at the book from the front or the back. You have to turn it at the right angle to see the flaw, because of the slab.


So, basically the slab hides the one flaw. It was suggested to me that a small amount of glue on that spot, and pushing the crunch back to flat, would fix it. But I am scared of it becoming a PLOD, so I will just live with a beautiful presentation book. There is no paper missing. Just a blunted corner. No tear even.


I have no idea if a press would help, as I have never had a book pressed before.


I bought this from foolkiller and he called it "the nicest 9.2 you will ever see".


He was right,

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