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Thinking about starting a new run...

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So I've decided I'm going to start a new run of Batman Villians. We're talking first appearances (some cases first silver-age appearance) just cause Golden Age 1st's are far beyond my price range and Origins. I realize this is going to be a hefty feat but should be fun. I prob will never be done and will have to settle for alot of lower grade books but I've complied a list so far of some key books. Please feel free to add books I may have missed! I've started my collection with a really nice Copy of Batman 234. So here's my list so far:


Batman 386 (Black Mask)

Batman 232 (Ra's Al Ghul)

Batman 357 (Killer Croc)

Batman 181 (Poison Ivy)

Batman 189 (Scarecrow silver-age)

Batman 121 (Mr. Freeze)

Batman Vengeance of Bane (Bane)

Detective 259 (Calander Man)

Detective 298 (Clayface silver-age)

Batman 59 (Deadshot)

Detective 400 Man-bat)

Batman 171 (Riddler silver-age)

Batman 155 (Penguin silver-age)

Shadow of the Bat #1 (Zsasz)

Detective 411 (Talia Al Ghul)

Detective 168 (origin of Joker) *this ones prob a pipe dream*

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Detective Comics 474 - 1st Modern Deadshot appearance/story


Very affordable too. Picked up a VF copy for under $8 around a month ago.


I've been doing a similar run with Spider-Man villains, boy it's fun but also quite cash draining. I've started hunting those same Bat keys as well though.

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This definitely would have been easier a couple of years ago. Alot of the books have really shot up recently.


Lois Lane 70 - 1st Silver Age Catwoman

Detective Comics 184 - 1st Firefly

Batman 63 - 1st Killer Moth

Detective Comics 608 - 1st Anarchy

Batman 417 - 1st KGBeast

Sword of Azrael 1 - Kind of a villain at times

Detective Comics 463 - 1st Calculator

Richard Dragon 5 - 1st Lady Shiva (everyone forgets her)

Detective Comics 575 - 1st Reaper


Harley Quinn one shot


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