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Honored to be the FIRST comic book transaction for KUDOS THREAD for:




who did an Amazing( pun intended) job delivering the Amazing Spider-Man # 71 from the Seller's Forum.


Mr. Shephard was patiently awaiting for my return to the Boards and PMed me to inquire what happened since he shipped the item.


I responded to Mr. Shepherd's PM telling him that I would do to the Office to check on his item, and lo and behold, he sent a very well-graded and accurate ASM 71.


Hope you stick around, as we need more guys like you on this site,


Your friend CAL :-) :hi:

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Brandon Shepard-


Gotta say, SUPERB packing job and accurate grading!


I bought 2 CGCs packed well, but what really blew me away is the inexpensive raw comics I bought later on... Most sellers pack less than adequately, but this packing job was amazing!


Just to compare, I bought a $150 comic from another seller, package easily bent and the comic arrived creased.


Not with Brandon!

Even with inexpensive raw comics, enough care was put in as if the comic we're worth thousands. Top-notch quality!


A highly recommended seller. If only all sellers packed like that.

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Brandon was a pleasure to work with. Great deal and very quick shipping. Book arrived as described thanks to him shipping it in a box, not just a padded envelop. Easy to communicate with as well.


Highly recommended. Looking forward to doing business with you again soon!



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I just bought a slabbed 9.8 book from Brandon. A perfect transaction. Brandon shipped quickly, packaged securely, and communicated throughout. I highly recommend Brandon as a seller. I hope to buy more from him in the near future.

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