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B&B #28...How much would you pay?

What price the B&B #28?  

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  1. 1. What price the B&B #28?

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On the basis that this is anonymus and on the assumptions that it has been pressed up 2 grades and that you really want one and that you know it is pressed and that it originally went for $5k....how much would you buy it for.

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"To me the book is restored and any sane person would pay what the going price is for a RESTORED book. 20% of the 9.0 price? That comes to $1,157.00"


That's [far] less than the book would have gone for if it had not been pressed, is it not?


Is pressing just as bad as, let's say, sealing 62 tears, new staples, fixing a spine split, bleaching otherwise tan pages and replacing half a cover that has been ripped off the comic?


Certainly not in any other area of "paper collectibles" (posters, books, prints, etc.) it isn't.

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that seems like a more logical approach than automatically reducing the value by 80% due to any sort of restoration whatsoever -- although the cost of pressing ought to be factored in plus a risk premium (you don't know if your unpressed book will get helped by pressing, you know this one did)


for those of us who watch antiques roadshow it is very common for an appraiser to tell someone who has brought in a print (or a piece of china or furniture) that the item is worth (let's say $5K), but with $1K of restoration/conservation it could be worth $8K. yes, i know comics are different, but should they be THAT much different?

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I paid $30.00 for a NM that I put my fingerprint on which then it became a VF+


If I bought any lately I wouldn't pay over $100.00 (using this formulea, anything you get after that would be SENSATIONAL profit. always pay 1/8-1/3 of what you will sell for. Then you don't end up going to the city dump instead of Ebay to clear the "Baby Room".)


CGC slabbed is the second price (existing or yet to be realised)


DISCLAIMER : I am not offering to buy your comics. I have enough. I did not look at the price guides still reading my own reports over and over, sorry I haven't looked at the prices for years I just go by instinct which has GONE HORRIBLY, TERRIBLY WRONG on rare occassion! So this is just off the cuff, wasting time inbetween erections just like any other man. No seriously, I am trying to post on comics general but it won't let me in so here I am. Do with this information what you must, at your own risk.



Incomplete/ no CF $60.00 $100.00

Incomplete / other pages $30.00 $60.00

Incomplete - Coverless ealy the most liquid state of any comic ever offered on the market. WHAT COLOR TOUCH!?! $150.00 $300.00

GD chunks out $250.00 $500.00

GD NCM (no chunks missing) $500.00 $800.00

VG $800.00 $1,200.00

FN $1,500.00 $2,000.00

VF $2,200.00 8.0 $3,500.00

VF $4,000.00 9.0 $5,000.00

NM $10,000.00 9.6 $25,000.00

M $25,000.00 9.8 $50.000.00

GM $75,000.00 10. $200,000.00

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