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Charlton Romance
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I don't even know where to start with Charlton romance books. There are, like, 400 million different titles, all of which seemed to run for decades.

Are there any key or valuable issues of Charlton romance books?

Does anybody collect Charlton romance?

The only series I'm actively collecting is Haunted Love, but there must be some more interesting books in this huge mass of stuff!

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I love it a ghost with a huge ego I said EGO! Look at the size of that picture frame let's just say it would not look lost in the Winchester house...See that I plugged the new movie with Helen Mirren.:)

1 hour ago, Martin Sinescu said:

Haunted Love is definitely more Bronze than Silver, but since you opened the door, here's my HL....



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2 hours ago, comicjack said:

I collect this title and then some,a lot of great covers you can get on the cheap :smile:



How did this get past the censor? Whomever designed that chair should be arrested saying that it was the Sixties, I'm sure there where a lot of flowers seen floating before their eyes.xD

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For Lovers Only and Love Diary both ran a super long time.
I like the bronze age stuff. Some really groovy South American? artists doing some great art
on these. Sort of like a neo-deco style.

Not my comic but beautiful:

Found this and this great article about same here:



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