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The Official "Does Anyone Know Where/If/When This Art Was Printed?" Thread
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Just picked up another random pile of art, with a few mysteries. I don't have pictures or scans of most, but I have this one. Sorry about the glare. I will get a better one when I scan them.
I believe it's a Robert Maguire preliminary. The collector I got it from had a number of them that were identified as such. In the smaller 3x5ish size as opposed to the large size he would do finished covers in.
No signature, and he's done a bazillion book covers, so I haven't found it. I thought it might ring a bell with somebody.


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Hi all,

I have two pieces I can't identify. The first one looks like it may be from Hero Alliance but I just can't find the page. My best guess is early Jason Pearson work. It was published by Innovation.


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On 4/17/2018 at 3:29 PM, Weird Paper said:

So, like a lot of you, I've accumulated some art over the past four decades of collecting that I've not been able to find in print. It seems like as good a time as any to start a thread and geeksource these questions to the collective hivemind that is dis place.

Since I'm already here, I'll go first... This is by Trevor Von Eeden, but I don't know if it's a commission, pin-up or what. It's unusual if it's a commission, because Batman is not the central figure in the piece. It's about 13x18, mixed media. Has anybody ever seen this in print?



I just sent it over to TVE so we'll see if he remembers, should have an answer shortly.

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Checking in one more time on the Spawn...any ideas on the artist? Thinking this is probably art for a trading card. Strange that it is not signed. No idea of year or actual publication other than it was purchased from the publisher at Wizard Magazine years ago. Just wondering if it might be from any of the early Spawn artists?


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