Sign-up for Virtual Comic Convention (VCC) Reminders Via PM (Personal Message)
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Bumping this thread and quoting the original post to let those who may not already know the variety of ways to stay informed on upcoming VCC events.
There really is no reason to not know the when's and where's of the VCC.


On 4/27/2018 at 11:32 PM, DeadOne said:

Would you like to receive a Personal Message (PM) as your reminder for future Virtual Comic Conventions?
Just reply to this thread and I'll add your board name to the list.

PMs will be sent out 2 weeks prior to the start of the VCC, again 1 week before the start of the VCC, and a final PM sent the Friday before VCC doors open on Saturday.
Keep in mind that these reminders may come in the form of a group PM.

Remember, you can always keep in contact with the VCC by signing up to receive these notifications via email by adding your email address to the VCC Notification List. Or you can follow the VCC on Facebook or Twitter, and, as always, follow the Virtual Comic Convention (VCC) Expo Center (by clicking the green circle with "+" symbol near the thread title) and receive notifications on all VCC postings via the board software.

If you'd like to help advertise upcoming VCCs on these very own message boards, consider adding something to your signature line and spread the word wherever you post.
This is what I use (quoted below). Feel free to copy and paste it into your own.




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