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Nominating Tristan Esteph

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On April 21st Tristan Esteph posted the :takeit: on three comics I was selling.

I closed the thread on April 22nd and send him the invoice the same day.

After not receiving an answer, I sent him a reminder on May 7th

He contacted me on May 10th, apologizing for the delay and stating he would pay the day after, May 11th.

He did not pay and he contacted me again on May 14th asking me if I still have the comics.

The same day, May 14th, I tell him that I still have the comics and I am still waiting for the payment.

Still no answer, so on May 15th I send him another reminder, asking for payment within 24h.

Still no answer from him, so I sent him a new PM on May 18th informing him that if payment is not sent by May 22nd, I will nominate him for the probation list.

He did not answer my new PM and he did not pay.

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9 hours ago, MustEatBrains said:

:facepalm:  Getting tired of seeing deadbeats on the boards.  Let’s see if @Tristan Esteph has some plausible explanation for treating you like a chump.  Think your write-up is more than enough to have him added.

I think he's really young if I'm not mistaken.  Always seemed like a tire kicker to me than a real buyer. 

Sorry to hear you're stuck @marmat

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3 minutes ago, telerites said:

Salt in wounds - he just reacted to posts in this thread.  :frown:

I am not sure what to make of the "likes" either, I hope he does not think this is the Honour Roll or something. Losing the confidence of this community is a mistake not easily fixed unless you step up quickly to make things right. 

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Just now, Tristan Esteph said:

Sending over the payment now . Sorry for the delay on the payment.  I'm 16 and yeah I know this took way longer than it needed to take . I over spent on ebay at the end of last month and have been working on that the last few weeks . 

It’s good you are making it right.  Communication is key, just remember that in the future.  Going dark and ignoring messages is never the way to go.  If you needed more time to pay just ask and most people are ok giving some leeway. 

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