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On 8/2/2020 at 1:50 AM, OtherEric said:

Is your copy that bright in person?  Wow.

My copy is perhaps slightly brighter than the scan I showed back there, but not by much.  Nothing like yours.

Yes it is, with the red background behind the title probably even deeper in

 color than on the picture.

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Here's a later Argosy - December 31st, 1938

Cover is for a story of Old California by McCulley illustrated by George Rozen who also drew the illo for the Black Grandee story. Also appearing inside are Captain Hornblower and Young Doctor Kildare -



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Argosy - December 27th. 1930 - Argosy providing what I am looking for: stories in the Amazon (MacIsaac's Balata), India (Mundy's Elephant Sahib), South Seas Chinese pirate (Wirt's He's my Meat!) and a story in the stars (Cummings' Tama of the Light) sandwiched with short Christmas stories -


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Argosy - August 5th 1933 -

This period's format is better for collecting: fewer serials and more novelettes / short stories.


I gravitated to this issue because of the cover and the topic: Monte Carlo.

Madame Storey is Rosika Storey, penned by Hulbert Footner in a series of novelettes in Argosy in the '20's and '30's.

Rosika Storey and her secretary Bella (the story's narrator) head down to Monte Carlo for a vacation and get begrudgingly involved in an affair threatening the reputation of the Principality of Monte Carlo. Women from high society are black-mailed after their involvement with a ring of gigolos. Once Raoul d'Aymara, a gigolo, is thrown off La Turbie from trying to escape the syndicate, Rosika springs into action. The cover scene shows the syndicate abducting Rosika to send her a strong message. She then leaves town only to come back in disguise. She enlists a young American's help to become a gigolo and infiltrate the ring (it also conveniently avoids the writer having Rosika cavort with an actual gigolo through the story). Through a couple of twists and turns, she unmasks the mastermind and disbands the ring.

The story moves along very well and the author either visited the Riviera or did good research before penning the story. It was enjoyable. There were "threats" to Rosika and Bella but none that would get you on the edge of your seat (this is Argosy, not Terror Tales after all) and the solution to the case followed a logical path.

In the story, Rosika stayed at the Hotel de Paris, which still exists, a cornerstone of Monte Carlo. Check out this current pic of a suite at the Hotel and compare it to the cover. Nice job by Stahr! -


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On 7/31/2020 at 6:46 PM, OtherEric said:

And end for now with this "Rapidly becoming a classic cover 85 years after the fact" gem:.  I'll go through my Argosies and try to find a few that I never wound up showing in the Pound you to a pulp thread later this weekend.



On 8/2/2020 at 2:36 AM, detective35 said:

The only Argosy I have.





Peer pressure got to me. In today's mail -


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