CLOSED Iganatz' massive SA/BA sale.
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 Paypal, check or MO accepted, PayPal preferred.


 :takeit: in this thread trumps everything, followed by PM I’ll take its, followed by offers/negotiations.


Shipping within the US I prefer to use USPS Flat Rate Priority - $15 for up to 14 raw books in a medium flat rate box; or $21 for 15-24 raw books in a large flat rate box. More than 24 books and we’ll start a new box. However I will ship any way you choose at your cost, even the dreaded (ugh) media mail.  One caveat - I will only ship slabs via methods that can be tracked.

Shipping outside of the US will be at actual cost via either USPS or other international carriers.  USPS First Class to Canada and Mexico is reasonable but be aware that shipping overseas is currently a nightmare in terms of backlog and customs issues.  

There will be no returns on slabbed books but for everything else, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are unhappy with your raw book purchases for any reason, return it to me in the shape you received it, within two weeks of delivery for a full refund.  Check my kudos, I've never had anything but positive interactions on the boards.

 My Kudos:

 If you’re on the Probation or HOS lists, you are not eligible and I won’t sell to you.  


If I’ve forgotten anything, or you have any questions feel free to PM.  Happy to answer questions or provide additional photos upon request.

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I've decided to completely change my collecting focus. Selling every book that I don't intend to keep forever.  This will be a large sale, listing over 500 books - mostly minor keys, first issues and first appearances.  All Silver and Bronze (and one late gold series). There will be multiple copies of many keys.  No true grails but lots of desirable books.  These books must all go and my pricing will be aggressive to make that happen.  There will be plenty of cool freebies.  Will take a few days to list everything and at the suggestion of @jimjum12 I will try to do two groupings of listings per day to give day shift/night shift and east coast/west coast a timely shot at the goods.


Have to run out now but will start listing the first grouping today at 3 PM EST. 

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Oh - as to the freebies, to claim them you'll have to answer an easily googlable (is that a word?) question about movies from the years encompassing SIlver and Bronze.

E.g. "name one film starring Steve McQueen"

One acceptable answer: "Bullitt"

or "post a comic book movie trailer from the 1970s"

One acceptable answer:


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On 7/28/2021 at 7:43 AM, iganatz said:

Ok we'll start with our Guardians grouping:

Lot 001:

Marvel Super-Heroes #18 4.0 $110


  Reveal hidden contents


And NOW I'll be back at 3!


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