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Fan Expo San Francisco - November 25-27, 2022

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On 8/10/2022 at 5:22 AM, Kevin Boyd said:

This was the first of two waves of creator guests, the second will be released in September. 


You're gonna make me wait a month?  :sorry:

Also, I've never gone to a big con before.  What is the format of Fan Expo?  Are there a variety of panels throughout the weekend?  What kind of panels do they typically have?  I see the VIP Package includes an Express Pass for Celebrity Autograph and main theater.  I presume that's just a separate line and that there are still individual costs for each celebrity?

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Well since nobody answered you I'll give you a rundown-- FanExpo is a lot like the old Wizard Shows, but if you've never been to a big con that doesn't do much for giving you a vision.   I can't speak for San Francisco, or it being on Thanksgiving weekend which is going to have an impact on who's doing the show.   Side note- I had a con organizer ask me why I thought a Thanksgiving weekend show was a bad idea-- "people love to shop after Thanksgiving!" he said-- it doesn't take into account the creators and dealers who have to travel to get to the show-- if you're local, sure you get up the day after Turkey Day and go set up-- but if you're coming in from anywhere that requires more than a few hours commute that means you're driving or flying on Thanksgiving or the day before (I Like to get to a show the day before myself).   A lot of people won't want to do that.

But assuming this show is like their other shows expect a giant hall, a good portion of vintage comic dealers (which is a nice improvement over Wizard), ditto creators and artist alley where you can get artwork or signatures from your favorite artists and writers or discover someone new.   You'll certainly be able to find that POP Figure you're missing, those things are everywhere, and there will be a wide array of modern stuff, good prices on TPB and hardcovers, the occasional video dealer, and people selling masks and collectibles.  If you're into celebrities from TV and Film-- especially genre things-- they'll be there and yes you have to pay for autographs or photos but prices vary and I'd suggest buying into a package for your favorites because they do a nice job of keeping lines moving.

I'm not a celebrity guy myself, but I was able to say hello to Carl Weathers without any line or waiting whatsoever and the guy was Apollo Creed!   Overall, I think they are good family friendly shows, I'm sure when @KevinBoyd has a minute between shows he'll chime in here with some official answers.

Well worth checking out if you're in the area.

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@Kevin Boyd, do you know when an initial exhibitor list might be published? I know the show is still over three months away so it may be too early to ask this question.

As someone who would attend this show purely to shop for Silver Age books, I'll be curious to see if you're able to bring in any non-local dealers because it's Thanksgiving weekend.


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On 8/16/2022 at 7:48 PM, PhoKing said:

Anybody reputiable facilitating signings? I have a book that I am looking for Lou Ferrigno to sign :)


I second that, they just made a post that the cast of Smallville with attend the show. I would like to have some comics signed too. 

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Hi everyone, Gene from Shortboxed here. We'll be set up at Fan Expo SF since it's in our backyard - our office is just a couple blocks away :)

We'll have a massive booth

Can confirm that Harley Yee, Brad Sloan (FVF Comics), Cape & Cowl Comics, Bunky Bros are more will be set up. A few more dealers from SoCal are planning to make the trip up as well, but I don't want to say in case they haven't officially signed on yet. We're working directly with Fan Expo to make sure that comics are represented heavily at this con via dealers and creators. Since this is a local show for us, and we haven't had a proper con at Moscone in years, we want to make sure it's successful. We're also making sure that all the comic dealers are placed in the same area, prominently; i.e. not stuck in the far back corner. 

Looking forward to having a con at Moscone again!

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