Vote to split Forum Only Selling Gold/Silver/Bronze to Gold Selling and Silver/Bronze Selling separately. PLEASE VOTE!
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Vote to split Forum Only Selling Gold/Silver/Bronze to Gold Selling and Silver/Bronze Selling separately. PLEASE VOTE!  

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  1. 1. Do you vote to split Gold/Silver/Bronze Selling only into Gold Selling Only and Silver/Bronze Selling Only separately?

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    • No! Keep tham as is

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I love the idea of a golden age only forum. And while we're at it, I also propose a "Marvel Key" forum.  It's sucks opening my notifications, hoping for new GA listings, and instead finding yet 10 more listings for the same old Marvel "keys"- Xmen #theres24000oftheseontheregestry, FF #firstappearanceofsomeoneIdontcareabout, Spidey #itsthatsamestupidissueagain, Hulk #doesnteveryonehavethisonealready? Daredevil #yougetmypoint... if I want one of those books, and I pray I'm never infected with that desire- I'll simply choose from the hundreds available just about anywhere books are sold- however I promise if they are confined to their own CGC sales forum, I'll look here first. 

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On 11/28/2021 at 2:27 PM, innocuous said:

If more sellers simply used tags/keywords in their post, that would help buyers sort through the listings.

What's an example of a helpful tag? Like if you were listing a bronze age FF it would be "Bronze age Fantastic four", "BA FF" or some variation?

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I voted for the split. The current market has seen a LOT of change, especially in SA/BA. More and more SA/BA books coming out of the woodwork due mainly to movies and seemingly minor characters suddenly surging in popularity and/or investment importance. Mixing GA in with the BA/SA my have been good years ago when we started selling/buying here, but now, as someone looking for certain books, I am finding it increasingly more arduous to look through multi-page listings and usually end up quitting part way through. 

At least for me breaking out GA and SA/BA would provide much more targeted threads for me to look through. Seeing titles listing a number of SA/BA titles/runs etc with a PCH or GA stuck in the middle is quite frustrating. I'll probably just start shopping at the Berkeley con as my regular thang.

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On 11/28/2021 at 2:39 PM, grebal said:

from other thread-

I wouldn't support just making GA a new sub-forum, for a total of 4 sub-forums incl. MISC. 

But I would support change to (1) GA and (2) SA/BA/Copper and (3) Modern.  For one thing- I might never have to gaze upon another modern comic outside of shows.

Probably reflects my bias - for a long time my world was SA/BA/CA, until I broadened my world to include GA. 

I would actually split them like this:

1. GA/SA - I feel the shaded part of the Venn diagram circles of collectors that can both afford and are interested in these ages have more in common than the other ages.  (GA ~18 year range) (SA ~ 13/14 year range) (32 year total)

2. BA/CA - the collectors that grew up with these eras as well as the collectors priced out of the GA/SA market likely have more in common and interest for these books that are starting to pop due to recognition of the great art, character first appearances, and storylines, movie-hype and speculation than the other ages. (BA ~ 15 year range) (CA ~ 6/7 year range) (22 years total).  This also narrows the field of searches for the GA and SA collectors that don't care for anything higher than the early 60's.

3. Modern - Modern age now encompasses 3 decades which is greater than the previous 2 ages combined and will equal all 4 prior ages in 24 years. There are people now in their 30's that grew up reading only moderns. This isolates moderns from any of the other prior age collectors that don't care to see these books in their searches and vice versa.  Modern could be the new MISC as well but that might turn it into the forum where all the attention ends up and defeats the purpose of the other 2 sub-forums.

Unless we split all 5 eras up, these are the 3 that I feel will have the most crossover taste with the fewest number of sub-forums.

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