Which one of these Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine #2 is the error?
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I own the 'Green' variant (pic 6) where it appears the comic (front and back cover) missed the red inking all-together, which would normally blend the orange and green colors to make the vibrant red/magenta cover you see in pic 2. All other covers appear to have some red ink, but very inconsistent.

Notice that the title border on pic 6 is orange instead of red. The back cover is the same, where Captain America has orange colors instead of red.

Would CGC recognize ANY of these as a manufacturing error? If so, which one(s)? Would it get the dreaded 'green' qualified label, or would it get a blue universal label, like the Venom 1?


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No - it is a large print run and varying ink levels.  To me, the greatest example of this is New Mutants 87.  They run from a deep, almost completely red to a very light orange.  They are not errors or variants. they just encompass the entire large print run, and appear to testify to the fact that, at some point, some of the inks were significantly lower later in the run.

If you made me bet my own money, I would bet this MCP 2 phenomenon is exactly the same thing.

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On 2/21/2022 at 5:50 AM, theCapraAegagrus said:

Are any of them actually errors?

No. I did get an answer on a different thread and I forgot this thread existed.

*The ink just (almost) ran out and it's very common I guess.

Although it is rare to have a copy with nearly, or no ink of one color, it doesn't make it monetarily more valuable. But I'm still going to have them graded and displayed as a set for my own pleasure.


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That said, I do have other examples that ARE considered an error, for having NO ink of one color. They get a qualified grade from CGC stating "Manufactured without (insert) ink on cover".

This is what led me to ask this question. TY


s-l1600 (1).jpg

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