Can i personally bring you my games?

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Hello i am from Mexico and i have sealed games that i would never ship because of customs and because of the value,  for example : Snes Chrono Trigger and Nes Legend of Zelda  (round seal)

Can i personally go to your offices in Florida and handle them to you, then personally pick them up when they are graded? 

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Due to nature of the collectibles we handle across all of our companies regular customers are not allowed to drop off submissions at our offices. We do offer this service CGC Video Games to any CGC Dealers and Elite CGC Members however. You can find a full list of CGC Dealers HERE. You can contact them to submit this directly to our offices instead of shipping them if you would like. Alternatively, you can drop submissions off with us at convention CGC Video Games is attending like Portland Retro Game Con happening this weekend. Be sure to be signed up for our newsletter so you are among the first to know about future events we will be attending and accepting submissions at. 

Have a great day!

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