Boy, the new descriptions for USPS Tracking Info are really on-the-nose these days...

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Well, the package indicated above has STILL not materialized, and I'm not too ashamed to tell you all I've got a baaaad feeling about this.

This is pretty unusual for the Twin Cities USPS to be this late. 

Their wwwsite indicates the shipper and I have 60 days from the shipping date (Nov 1) to decide to actually lodge an insurance claim.  (Thankfully, it was shipped insured.)  So, we're not even halfway there yet.  But, again; I'm pretty concerned.  It's been nearly a month.

My questions to the Hive Mind are: 
1)  Assuming an insurance claim is registered:  Does this trigger a more deliberate search on the part of USPS?  (My impression so far is that their definition of 'searching' is actually 'waiting until someone stumbles over it.')  Or does the issue go straight to an adjuster for payment judgement, and any attempts at searching are called off?  I'd always believed that the USPS rouses itself when it's being forced to consider ponying up a settlement.
2)  Assuming an insurance claim is actually paid to my shipper and myself:  Should the package actually surface after that point, is USPS the owner, and the claimant can go hang?  Or is any sort of courtesy call made to the claimant to see if a re-reimbursement is an option?

I just want to be prepared for what might happen.

Thanks, Hive Mind.  Your positive vibes are appreciated.

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On 11/26/2022 at 7:21 PM, thethedew said:

....aaaaannnnndd, looks like after I've tried your patience with all my fretting and whining, USPS apparently LOCATED THE PARCEL TONIGHT.

Your positive vibes were the difference.

I’m glad USPS found your parcel. I wasn’t keeping up with your thread so I’m late to chime in. 

When my packages go in limbo it’s a once-every-two years occurrence. When it does, I file a “search” request online and the package is usually found within 48 hours. The post office will look high and low for it before they pay up in insurance, so the chances of them finding it after they’ve paid a claim is pretty low. When you cash their check you are pretty much agreeing that the item belongs to them, if they wish to have it. That’s all in their fine print when you file a claim. 

Unless I’m misreading what you wrote, USPS will only pay you or the shipper, whoever is filing the claim, but not both. And when you file, you are also under oath(?) that you have not received any other insurance money for the item. So you can’t double dip with PayPal or collectibles insurance. Lastly, you need banking proof, like a bank statement or PayPal to prove what you paid, so someone can provide you an invoice saying you paid one bajillion dollars but it doesn’t mean anything to USPS unless you provide proof with a bank statement.  

Just thought I’d shed some light for anyone else who may have questions about filing claims. 

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