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Flash collectors thread
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While I own all of 3 Flash comics, the old title had some really great, unique covers. I own 2 already shown here in the Vandal Savage one (#137?) and the Superman Race for #175. Plus one in the late 70's with the jLA I bought just recently.


But back when I first got into collecting in the late 70's, I did collect Flash for about a year. (I seem to remember Infantino returning at the time). My first store bought issue at the time had the Golden Glider I believe. I got rid of them in the mid-80's during college. Nostalgia hasn't driven me back to get them again yet.

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Hi Steelcity, I don't think you will wear out your welcome anytime soon with your awesome group of books over there! You wouldn't be interested in selling your 182 now would you? takeit.gif


Hey Skybolt....NICE BOOKS!!!!!


Here are a couple more.





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There is an issue of either DC Superstars or DC Special, from the late 70's, that had both Flash's & Kid Flash running around Grodd. I think it's a Dollar Comic. Anyone know exactly which one.


I'm thinking of hunting it down because I remember it from way back when at the newstand and I didn't buy it.

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