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Bill Sienkiewicz Signing

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So with CGC backlog and the in house signings being announced almost daily, I decided I would send a couple more . This one I was torn on which books to send as there were several I had been considering.  Ultimately I decided on these two and opted for the remark.  Will see how this goes. 

1st is New Mutants  #26( was CGC 9.6)  .

I requested a Legion head sketch. 20210626_155529.thumb.jpg.4ebe3deef5d346ac77ae90bca40093b8.jpg20210627_233514.thumb.jpg.79b445e80047f2df84ed43c222050fcd.jpg20210627_233521.thumb.jpg.424c471e931726b1c40a426dfe23b9e8.jpg20210627_235456.thumb.jpg.616c17c7b7f68d560b7d90d7186ecfa9.jpg

next is Transformers #1 (1st print) .

I requested an Optimus Prime head sketch.  20210605_164231.thumb.jpg.92ffbc12a16cb83c691ca779f0838f0b.jpg20210627_235450.thumb.jpg.c16108d4845efa216d32612dd297204e.jpg

all prepped.  


and marked. ( Hopefully they do not miss it and it gets pulled for the signing. )


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17 minutes ago, jcronin said:

Cool books to send. I am sending a Transformers #1, Batman #400 and Elektra #1. Best of luck to you.

I had actually considered doing an Electra Assassin #1 another was a Moon Knight #1, but had to draw the line somewhere.  Thank you and good luck to you as well!

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Wish this had shown up a little sooner, but when it did and the shape it is in I just have to go for it. Decided to add the Moon Knight #1 that showed up today.  20210630_181339.thumb.jpg.0b1950a4e37bf0eca208a1fe03d808dd.jpg20210630_181327.thumb.jpg.34272d165ace25a894aa3b163243815d.jpg20210630_202623.thumb.jpg.e78a38e60ca3964eeae235cdc4035e0b.jpg

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On 10/27/2021 at 8:43 AM, mysterio said:

I hope yours moves faster than mine has. My Sienkiewicz book has been in GEI a couple of days shy of a calendar month.

Thank you. Sorry to hear about yours being hung up. I have seen several people saying that G/E/I has been about a month + in the TAT threads. Really hope they fix whatever the hold up has been. 

Good luck with your submission! 

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Make sure you get them pressed post signing. I have had 2 books that I submitted for signing in last few months in slab as 9.8s and 1 came back a 9.6 and another 9.4. Customer service basically has said whoops - too bad 

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On 12/1/2021 at 10:16 PM, Dreamsleep said:

Make sure you get them pressed post signing. I have had 2 books that I submitted for signing in last few months in slab as 9.8s and 1 came back a 9.6 and another 9.4. Customer service basically has said whoops - too bad 

When I submitted them I added the CCS pressing.. (thumbsu


Sorry to hear about the grade drops..

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I couldn't bring myself to look.   I am hoping for that 9.8, but realistically think it will be 9.4-9.6 . Plus the grade is only some of it I am also really interested in what he did with the remark.  It is supposed to be delivered today as I live in Florida and it usually only takes a day to make it here from there. I will post scans of it here when it arrives.  :wishluck:

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Ok so the Moon Knight showed up today. He did most of my request. (Green and sketch placement.  ) The Signature he placed in the same area of the sketch vs my ask.

That said CCS definitely shifted the cover in press as now you can see the right side of the pages vs what my original pictures were and they didn't quite get the back slight roll near the spine. 

Came in on the lower side of my estimate, but with the few issues I see 1 tic and some color rub/transfer( probably from the original stack) on the back still happy with the 9.4 but kinda surprised at the OW/W PQ... 

All in all happy with this one. Can't wait to see the other two. 




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I definitely will. I will more than likely be posting them in several threads including this journal.  Do not want to jinx it , but usually they arrive the day after marked shipped. So should have them tomorrow.  :wishluck:

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Ok so the last two showed up today! 

The New Mutants got a bump! :banana:

Although he didn't use my request for green sketch (he did with the Signature) I am still happy with the results. 





Next is the Transformers which he did follow all of my requests including color, placement and even the artist's signature! ( very happy with all of that) wish it got a little higher grade, but looking it over I am happy it did still get a 9.2 . 20220102_142304.thumb.jpg.592be3a6aef2e7497d587e14330ae84f.jpg





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