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  1. Some last buys of the year. Happy new year everyone. May all your 2024 pulls turn out complete and fully attached.
  2. A few I don’t see yet for this new Reflections thread, some of their closer pairs have been posted already.
  3. "Puny Banner relax. Hulk is strongest masseuse! Hulk SMASH STRESS!!!!"
  4. It’d be fabulous if you all could help a brother out with a freaky sitch. A while back I picked up this FFFB #1 with a 75cent candy shell and chewy pink filling. Presumably a 13th print, as per CGC and GCD consensus. Oddly it’s numbered “1014” out of what I understand to be a limited run of 1,000. Also my Letter of Authenticity, with matching stamp, appears to be inauthentic as it has no raised seal and the letterhead does not match one currently displayed on eBay that does have a seal, which is also stamped somewhat differently than a third LoA example found at CBR. I can wrap my head around the printed LoA, but the book itself appears perfectly norml other than the out of sequence stamp. Would there have been 13th prints with no number stamp, that someone stamped and printed a letter to accompany… for …some… weird reason? Were the folks at ROP mixing work with pleasure and let the press run a few extra copies? Book isn’t really worth shenanigans. what am I missing? Appreciate any dank thoughts passed.
  5. Some Canadian Ham, a very ticky Tick, and some UK reprints that hit kinda nice.
  6. The entire run was published under Gold Key, either prior to or along with any Whitman counterparts. It wasn’t uncommon for either house to skip publication of an issue or two during a series, so Whitman may have skipped over those two issues. Neither 10 or 11 appears on the CGC census and I don’t see them listed anywhere else under Whitman, just GK.
  7. At that price I guess this grades around 8.0 or better. IDK, more pics needed imo. But hey, free shipping!
  8. My sister and her husband have an attic full of unworn concert shirts from every band you can think of and a couple hundred you probably can’t, I’ve always worn mine all the way into the trash. I did however hold onto my 8th grade denim, still has a few patches and a small handful of surviving pins. The Metal Up Your A@@ patch spent a while thumbtacked to the bedroom wall.
  9. For me it’s trying to zoom in and out, every attempt ends with the error message I posted above. Happens on IPad and IPhone, both devices fully updated(16.6.1). Sometimes refreshing fixes it but other time I have to shut down the browser.
  10. Great review, a bit long winded but funny.
  11. It really is making coming here a frustrating experience. Pages with long strings of pics are almost impossible to enjoy.