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  1. Light fingerprints has been a thing. You may want to PM your order information to @CGC Mike so that he can include it with the other fingerprint complaints to QC.
  2. The pencil pic appears to be clearer; the others may have just been shaky or too far, I don't know. Either way, thanks for what you posted!
  3. It's really risky to do a reholder right now. Even if they slap the 9.8 back on it, there may no longer be a 9.8 inside. I'll try to find the relevant thread.
  4. Oh, these are all from the same collection and have the same storage problemssss, i follow! 👍
  5. The wrap is fine in a 9.8, the corner break is going to depend on the press-out. For next time, is it possible for you to take the zoom out pics with the same clarity as the pencil closeup?
  6. That is quite an interpretation of "2 loose centerfold pages"...thanks for the update! @zzutak
  7. It looks like the whole thing has a foxing patina? And how are those inside covers?
  8. I'm sure they went out of their way not to show the back There's a lot of staining and breaking there
  9. Then you might be ok on this book if you can do Silver!
  10. They'll humidify the books if they want, but that laundry room terminology is definitely their own. They probably just mean someone tore the book while it was damp. Do clarify with them though! It's rare to have ANY insight into their ground-breaking (book-breaking?) proprietary techniques!
  11. Travaran, on a scale of 1 to a higher number, how many birthdays have you had?
  12. Can you post high quality pics of front and back please? Really want to see this PGX 10!!
  13. Were there graders notes? Do you know why it was a 9.6?