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  1. I just posting this here as evidence that I pad last year.  Of course that bulldog seller @Bio-Rupp  did not do the honorable thing and have me removed from the probation list.  He was paid about year ago as I said I would do.  I don't care about being removed but I do want to clear my name.  I PAID MY DEBT BUT I WILL NOT BE BULLIED INTO OVERPAY FOR SHIPPING. 

    Here's the payment I sent but I removed the seller's name and mine from the email message.



  2. I am not going to read through this and I will remove the notifications from this forum.

    I told this seller I would just pay for the book.  But he too offense to my exception of the high shipping.  I don't need to disciplined by a seller.  I am the purchaser.

    Any seller here would send ONE book in priority envelope.  Why would I want to pay more for shipping than the book is worth?  Why would you mail one cheap book in a priority box?  Just ship it in a priority envelope $9 done.  Nope he wants to charge me 13 + for shipping when that doesn't make a lick of sense to me.  

    I come back to these boards and get ripped off my another seller.  One who could give too about packing and throw the books loosely into the largest padded envelope I have ever seen.  (look at my previous purchase last month) Cost ME $8 and my time to pack the books for return and the seller never gave me my shipping cost. 

    I WILL NOT GET RIPPED OFF BY THESE BOARDS AGAIN.  I am not paying $13+ to ship a $12 book.  Sorry, not happening.  So ban me and I will finally never be able to purchase and get screwed by the sellers here again.  Thank you, do me the favor.

    It is a shame as I purchased a lot of my collection from these very boards.   Oh well times change, I don't know why I bother revisiting this board as it leads me to just annoyance. 


  3. 14 minutes ago, Bio-Rupp said:

    MADAME XANADU (1981) # 1 - GLOSSY NM-/NM COPY - $12

    What a great 40 year old book.  Art by Marshall Rodgers and Brian Bolland with a sweet cover by Michael Kaluta and also an interior poster by Kaluta as well.  This book is awesome.  Also note that the back cover predated the "virgin cover" thing by four decades. ;) 

    I have THREE COPIES of this book at $12 each.

    I will post a camera pic of the poster asap.

    FEBRUARY 2021 SALE103.jpg

    FEBRUARY 2021 SALE104.jpg


    I will take one copy

  4. 17 hours ago, oakman29 said:

    This day and age of entitlement makes me sick. 

    You as a consumer buys a product that you clearly made the wrong choice, then MCS tells you that they normally would charge you 3 dollars for a restocking fee but will waive this fee upon your items return.  You're ultimate thought was to come on here to shame a respected business,  and a respected board member? 

    Stop, just stop !


    You go stop.  Please, just stop.  I am not a repeat offender at returning things.  Nor have I returned anything at MCS except for one thing that was their mistake.  I don't deserve to be treated like that long customer.  I can decide what I want to do with my money.  So please, STOP reading this thread if it so appalls you.  Why did I ever attempt to return to this forum.  That was my biggest mistake. 

  5. 19 hours ago, mycomicshop said:

    My preferred way to handle returns would be:

    - if a return is due to something outside of the customer's own actions such that the items received aren't as described (our error, damage in transit, etc), then of course no restocking fee

    - if a return is due to the customer's good faith error (oops I ordered the wrong thing), or even if it's a buyer's remorse situation and they changed their minds but it's an honest mistake and first time, don't sweat it, accept the return with no restocking fee, let them know that although we do have a restocking fee for some returns it's not necessary here. The situation described in this thread sounds like it wasn't our error, but it was a minor oversight by the buyer and not a big deal, and I wouldn't have charged a restocking fee.

    - but if a buyer has repetitive return requests where we didn't do anything wrong and the buyer made an error or got buyer's remorse, or otherwise is not ordering/returning in good faith, then I have no problem charging a restocking fee. We're not trying to be Wal-Mart or Amazon where anybody can return anything for any reason as many times as they want. There are buyers that would take advantage of it if it were allowed, one example being buyers looking for 9.8 candidates among books listed only as NM, and wanting to return correctly graded books that aren't suitable for 9.8 slabbing. Or ordering a 6.0 FN book and returning it, not because they don't think it's a 6.0, but because they thought it was undergraded when they ordered it, and then after receiving it decided it wasn't undergraded as much as they hoped. We don't want people fishing for stuff like that and then returning what they don't like. We want to take care of our customers, but we expect buyers to meet us half way and treat us fairly too.

    I have requested from your customer service to close my account.  I want verification that all my history and payment records have been removed from your systems.   Please do so immediately. 

  6. 20 hours ago, Domo Arigato said:

    I just don't understand where our hobby is headed these days.  

    It seems like nearly every day that I log in here, something bad is happening. 

    I keep hearing about people getting ripped off on eBay to the tune of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

    Or yet another dealer has books stolen at a convention to the tune of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

    It's almost been enough to make me walk away from the hobby......but I keep telling myself that it just can't get any worse.

    Can it?

    And then I come in here today.....and find out that someone is being charged a $3 restocking fee?


    I know this sounds silly to you.  Perhaps it is.  Perhaps, this why I stop posting here because I rarely get supported by this community.  Why did I come back.  I don't know.  I was just sharing some information.  Laugh, do what ever the you want with it.  I am done again with these boards too.

  7. 22 hours ago, 90sChild said:

    Not the same thing, but I bought ultra-pro magazine bags from a local comic shop 30 minutes away.  I figured I'd rather support the local shop than buy online.  Turns out the ultra pro mag bags do not fit my eaglemoss magazines anyway, so I end up ordering thick size BCW magazine bags online away.  Sitting on a pack of useless $6 mag bags here, too.  Point is, sometimes you lose and sometimes you lose. 

    Apparently I am the big loser here.  I paid for shipping on the item and I would most likely eat the cost because shipping would be too much to make it worth while.  But the return policy of 25% is outrageous and I will not shop there again.  That is MY RIGHT as a consumer.  I am not trying to shed responsibility.   The idea that someone here things I am trying to that makes me a bit mad.  I posted here because while I was a customer at MCS, I never knew they had a restocking fee.  NOW I do and NOW I will not shop there anymore. I rarely purchase from Best Buy.  WHY?  Because they too have a restocking fee.  So i only purchase things like DVDs that are non-returnable.   As a consumer I get to choose where I spend my money.  I don't like to support business that don't work with the consumer.  So there's that.  Have a nice day.

  8. 1 hour ago, F For Fake said:

    For the stuff I absolutely can't otherwise give away, I take it to HPB. They'll give you pennies on the dollar for it, but they'll take everything. Or at least they always have for me. That's my last stop before the recycling bin.

    I so jelly of people with HPB near them.  I do have the Strand that I used to score TPB at great prices but I rarely visit the store nowadays.

  9. 7 minutes ago, Red_Hood said:

    So MyComicShop and Calmerica are the only 2 entities to charge restocking fees in this era of the entitled consumer.... good luck with those business models.

    While I posted this because I was quite appalled that they would even think to charge a restocking fee on such a small ticketed item.  I would have to pay return shipping and then to swipe another 3 bucks that is just insulting.  I just am trying to let other know that there is a restocking fee which I guess makes sense but in this day and age. 

  10. 1 hour ago, JWKyle said:

    So did they sent you what you ordered or they sent you the wrong thing?

    Or did you order the wrong thing thinking it was what you wanted?


    I probably made the mistake.  I thought I added it to the cart and then recall checking my order history with them as I have ordered supplies in the past.  I like the polyethylene bags which no LCS near me carry they only carry the polypropylene which crinkle over time.  I was ordering a comic and didn't want to just ship that one.  So when I went back to the order, I may have realized I didn't add it to the cart so I picked it added it.  I have been deleting my emails to keep my inbox clean for when I look at new mail on my phone.  I never looked at the order so that was my mistake.

    However, to come back to we will take back the item at a 25% restocking fee is absurd.  I have been ordering from MCS for over 10 years now.  I will be closing my account and never using them again. For the record, she did reply back that they will waive the fee only this one time.  I have no record of returns there except for an incomplete Katy Keene that I ordered.  I had no issue with the return once I got past their quite unfriendly customer service rep, Beth at the time.  What a nightmare she was.

  11. Yes, I am shaming them.  (:  Holy , Batman.  I purchased the wrong sized bags from them which I am very careful when placing an order.  Perhaps it was my mistake but I wanted to make sure I order the proper material bags.  I use them for my TPBs.  I inquired about returning them and they claim they didn't make any mistake and there is a 25% restocking fee.  SERIOUSLY?  The product is $13.00 and they are going to bust my hump for $3.00.  Guess who will NEVER see my business again.  There are way too many comic dealers and online shops.  I am SO happy that I didn't give them my business when I spent $200+ on comic supplies. 

    MCS, Goodbye.  I stopped purchase from MileHigh as I didn't care for the owner's rants when crisis happened, nor his politics.  I am so happy that you are willing to lose a customer over $3.25.  Go fist yourself.