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  1. Hey, why not? Timing is everything . . . This is a 2020 publication from Tidal Wave comics, whoever they are. Hardcover; 34 pages mostly B/W, a few in color. Plenty of foul language but no nudity. This copy is in excellent, unread condition. $5
  2. Justice League "Throne of Atlantis", hardcover, in excellent condition, $5
  3. And a couple Justice League graphic novels . . . Justice League Vol.1 (Origin), hardcover, in excellent condition, $5
  4. The New 52 Wonder Woman, Volume 6 (Bones), hardcover with dustjacket, in excellent condition, $5
  5. The New 52 Wonder Woman, Volume 5 (Flesh), hardcover with dustjacket, in excellent condition, $5
  6. The New 52 Wonder Woman, Volume 4 (War), hardcover with dustjacket, in excellent condition, $5
  7. "The Greatest Stories Ever Told". Softcover, in excellent condition. $5
  8. Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka Vol. 1. Softcover, in excellent condition. $5
  9. The Wonder Woman Chronicles Volumes One, Two and Three. Softcovers, all in excellent condition. (In hand, that white "scuffing" isn't there -- it's light reflection). $5 each.
  10. Each of the four volumes of Savage Sword of Conan is in very good condition structurally and visually. They all have slight wear, small stains/foxing on the exposed text blocks, but no tears, water stains, dog-ears, marks. There is an identical stamp on the title page of each volume, as shown. Volume One omnibus, Dark Horse 1st edition (2007), 4th printing. $20
  11. Barbarians and Amazons still hanging around after the last Virtual Comic Con . . . Guest appearance by Stormy Daniels in my last post! No “Hyborian Age” forum? Then I guess I’ll post in “Mixed Age”! These books range from Conan Bronze Age omnibuses to Wonder Woman omnibuses covering all eras, to WW modern age TPBs and hardcovers. Payment: PayPal or Money Order, within 7 days of purchase. Shipping: U.S. shipping is simple -- $5.00 for any number of comics or books! Sorry, no international sales this time around. Other: No sales to anyone in the Hall of Shame or on the Probation list. Returns: Returns accepted within 14 days of the sale date, and your payment will be refunded immediately, assuming book is in the same condition.
  12. Looks like Willie took his membership very seriously -- probably stamped all his comics. Hmmm, is there a "Willie Cosey" pedigree designation in the offing? Willie appears multiple times in the MMMS lists published in those SA issues: Daredevil #37, Avengers #49, Marvel Super-Heroes #13, AND Thor #149! Those issues all came out the same month, but that was three years after he stamped the comic you bought, FF #41. Wonder if he ever knew he hit the quadruple whammy?
  13. 20% off everything in my booth. Wait, I meant: 20% off everything in my booth!!!
  14. A little bump, and a little reminder: The comics that have been consigned to mycomicshop in Jimbo's name have now made it to the weekly auction, which ends tomorrow. Here are the six comics, proceeds of which go, of course, to the cause. Check 'em out, put in a bid! https://www.mycomicshop.com/auctions?agid=623&sn=jimjum12
  15. For what it's worth, these 22 books are issue nos. 11, 23, 36, 58, 63-70, 73, 75, 78, 88-91, 98, 113 and 114.
  16. Adding to speedcake's explanation. Can't speak to how the stateside military bases worked, but overseas there was usually a "Stars and Stripes" bookstore separate from the PX/BX. Comics were sold here, as well as books, magazines and the Stars and Stripes daily newspaper. All these materials were stamped at time of sale before they went out the door, in lieu of a register receipt. I'm sure there's a small sliver of collectors who favor star-stamped copies.
  17. Finally! I've found an Avengers #4 in great shape! And for only $15! Oh, wait . . .
  18. These are from Captain America #23, cover date Feb. 1943
  19. I look forward to seeing the evolution from MMMS to Marvelmania to FOOM. My topic relating to MMMS is focused on those lists of MMMS members that were published in the late silver age. But eventually the posts took a turn to showcase MMMS memorabilia in general. I'm glad you have started a thread dealing specifically with that!
  20. And the nice thing about selling here (which I admittedly haven't done much, except for the VCC) is that instead of form letters, unanswered questions, and bureaucracy, you get a community of fellow collectors who are (usually) very friendly and helpful with the how-to part of things. Plus direct seller-to-buyer contact, of course.