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  1. If it hasn't all ready been posted. Add in to the North Shore: Harrison's Comics 252 Essex St Salem, MA https://www.harrisonscomics.net The owner, Larry is a great guy and they have an amazing selection of current, back issues, slabs, keys, cards, toys and general comic swag...
  2. Agree that it's a replica cover. The True Believers issues had a red band across the top that had the Marvel logo and TRUE BELIEVERS and with DEADPOOL #1 below. Here's one for sale on ebay (not mine) for reference: NM 98 True Believers
  3. Thanks for the info. Was looking at Gaiman handwriting and it looks like his lowercase b could be a match. Also heard that Gaiman is fond of the old style quill pens and that makes sense for the artwork style.
  4. A friend that worked for Marvel and DC from the late 70s to the mid 2000s recently passed and as the family is going through the belongings / estate they found this Birthday card with no envelope. They were good friends with Gaiman, so it could be him. I think it looks like a Steadman. Any thoughts...?
  5. An original birthday card - artist unknown. Was thinking it looks like a Ralph Steadman or maybe Neil Gaiman who she was friends with. What are peoples thoughts?
  6. I'm good friends with Francine's twin sister and as they're going through her estate, she's been sharing some pics. This correspondence that was found is amazing!
  7. This was posted on Reddit a few months ago. Wasn't graded then and OP was asking if it was rare... Reditt Post Link Love the Toff Machardin' signed book listings...
  8. The owner of my LCS let me into his private lair to show me his recently acquired AF 15 & FF 1 (which had a Kirby sig on the bottom of the first page!) and then casually grabbed this from behind a dusty stack of framed posters...!
  9. Scammer or just https://www.ebay.com/itm/355395690048?hash=item52bf3bde40:g:3EoAAOSwaFxlq0N1&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA0Ap7zFGW9H27S%2Fmc56VwmTZtsesN4pQMNKMvGyXxuM9Zav%2B7M%2FljSvccuc9aV70VaPEfel53MFIKNZg7S0iA61Gohp%2FeFDowH8X96dSZ6imMcgaNPrKSfomX6TZ0TcUIS%2F9DywvFl1rbIeUKS8AzoufMo4eugjV2WpfF6lBTxLVCaMVwpwoJQFdBqMJCWGdqX439X8UNFuC8NPibBnIwKLuYaXiF9TCuH5JbpuSX2fUos5HxUm%2F4VCENgBPOkTYlvwG8cThAnWB5pJ5V1ySpEj8%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR8zVy4anYw
  10. Bill Sienkiewicz did a great portrait and tribute to her on FB... https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=6988082534561776&set=a.106772446026187 I know that Romita Sr. drew her into a comic back in the day and have seen the page / art, but can't remember which title and issue. Will post it once I find it.
  11. Francine Grillo who started as a secretary for Marvel in the late 70s and worked her way up to a Marketing & Licensing Exec. for Marvel and DC passed away recently. We never think about what goes on behind the scenes, but she was a radiant, driving force in life and in the comic industry for many years. Here's an interview from a few years ago about her time at Marvel and DC... https://www.eliotrbrown.com/wp/francine-grillo-an-interview-from-behind-the-universe/ She was a friend and will be missed...
  12. Recent pickup from the boards. Mid-grade, but great price...
  13. Didn't realize right away that this thread was about 6 months old, but FYI - There's a 3 hole punch comic thread. Link: 3 Hole Punch Comics There's raw and graded books. The qualified AF 15 is on page 4. Great reference and some really nice books!
  14. Working with a local artist The Hammer. Check out Ye Olde Hammer Shoppe. Stayed tuned...more to come... https://the-hammer-5.creator-spring.com Funky Doodle Tee: https://the-hammer-5.creator-spring.com/listing/funky-6902?product=369&variation=6515&size=1906 Samosa Wun Tee: https://the-hammer-5.creator-spring.com/listing/samosa-wun?product=369&variation=6525&size=1906 Samosa Wun Mask: https://the-hammer-5.creator-spring.com/listing/samosa-wun?product=972 Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yeoldehammershoppe/
  15. Ok, thanks. Have never seen the site before. Was tempted on an early silver spidey that I've wanted for my pc, but was suspicious that the price is about 1/4 of fmv.
  16. It's listed on rarecomiccollectors.com for $6124.99 Link to book Is this site legit? Anyone bought from them?
  17. "But Theodore wasn't just a collector; he was also a guardian of the comic book timeline. He made sure to replace each comic he took with a convincing forgery to avoid altering history. The originals were safely tucked away in a secret room beneath the library, accessible only through the time-traveling device." If the books survived, someone in that timeline has forged copies of Action Comics 1, AF 15, and other books that were picked up.
  18. Once upon a time in the quaint town of Willowbrook, there lived a young man named Theodore Blaine. Theodore was an unassuming librarian who had a peculiar secret: he was a time traveler. His days were spent cataloging dusty old books and helping patrons find the perfect novel to escape into. But when the sun dipped below the horizon and the library doors closed, he embarked on thrilling adventures through time. Theodore's journey began one fateful evening when he stumbled upon a hidden room in the basement of the library. Inside, he found an antique leather-bound book with intricate diagrams and cryptic instructions. After translating the text, he realized it was a manual for a time-traveling device. The machine, an ornate pocket watch, allowed him to journey through the annals of history. Theodore quickly became an expert in the art of time travel, mastering the device with each jump through the ages. However, his true passion lay in collecting rare comic books. He had always been an avid fan of the vibrant illustrations and fantastical tales that these graphic novels contained. One day, Theodore decided to combine his love for time travel and comic books. He discovered that many iconic issues had been lost or destroyed over the years. To preserve them, he embarked on a mission to travel back in time to collect these precious gems. His first stop was the Golden Age of comics. In 1938, Theodore found himself in the bustling streets of New York City, during the dawn of the comic book industry. He visited a newsstand and purchased the very first issue of Action Comics, which introduced the world to Superman. Theodore felt the weight of history in his hands as he clutched this invaluable treasure. Theodore's quest continued as he journeyed to various eras, collecting iconic issues along the way. He acquired Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance of Spider-Man, in 1962, and he visited the 1940s to pick up Captain America Comics #1. His collection grew to include rare editions of Batman, Wonder Woman, and the X-Men. Each comic was a piece of history that he preserved within his own time-traveling library. But Theodore wasn't just a collector; he was also a guardian of the comic book timeline. He made sure to replace each comic he took with a convincing forgery to avoid altering history. The originals were safely tucked away in a secret room beneath the library, accessible only through the time-traveling device. As Theodore continued his quest, he found himself in various historical events, from ancient Egypt to the far-future. Along the way, he met renowned authors, artists, and creators who shaped the comic book world. He even helped some of them by providing insight from the future, aiding in the creation of legendary characters and stories. Theodore's time-traveling adventures not only preserved the comic book history but also allowed him to experience the beauty of different eras. He developed a profound appreciation for the art, literature, and culture of each time period he visited. His passion for comics led him to become a guardian of the past, ensuring that the vibrant stories and colorful characters endured for generations to come. And so, in the small town of Willowbrook, Theodore Blaine continued his double life as a librarian by day and a time-traveling collector by night, with his collection of comic books serving as a portal to the adventures of the past.