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  1. Very interesting Eric. I did not know that. I can almost always tell a convention drawing from something that was published from the 90's era. If you have the time I would love to see one or two of your Darrow Hard Boiled pieces you bought from him at a convention in the 90s. Darrow pencils for me are the way to go. They are rough but beautiful in their own raw way and he told me that is 80% of the work. This is the only unpublished Hardboiled piece I own. It was made to be a guide to s statue they made around that time. It was done on gray vellum that they stopped making in the 90's. He had to change. What are your pieces on for my own curiosity?
  2. The Hard Boiled drawings you talk of are post 2000 when he starting doing them for conventions. Those should not be confused with the art from the early 90's. And lot of those are on boards not vellum. In fact the only Hard Boiled Nixon drawing I found from the 90's I bought and had to pay good money for. Again, there are a ton of those drawings he brings to conventions but that is not what I was referring too.
  3. no there is more work on the pencils. The vellum is just cleaner but a tracing and technically what is published. As far as which is worth more it all depends on the piece. Hard Boiled was constructed in a very unusual way. One vellum panel page can have 8 different pieces of pencils. He does not work that way anymore. I collect his pencils because they are so beautiful in their raw form but there are not many Hard Boiled inked vellum pieces out there. Most got damaged and such. If I come across any, I will let you know.
  4. Geof for Hard Boiled pages were mainly comprised of many small drawings that were put together to lay a sheet of onion skin over the pencils and create the page. I have some but they are all double page spreads and splashes on one board which is why I got them. Much of his Hard Boiled vellum pieces got damaged over the years. Like he told me 80% of the work are in the pencils.
  5. Another amazing movie he did the -script for..True Romance. Clearance says he is going to show her spiderman 1 and it is a sleepwalker comic. I always thought they could have used a reprint of spidey 1 just as easy,lol.
  6. I will assume they dropped it for some reason. Thought maybe someone on this thing would know.
  7. I would imagine so. I would not think Quentin would make a poster just for the movie for a split second use. Also cool when Tim Roth is talking about the Thing from Fantastic Four as Joe if you remember at the diner.
  8. How about this from the best movie ever made, Reservoir Dogs. Look at the wall to the right =)
  9. I was thinking that but Talon does not use a gun? Thanks for your reply nonetheless. That would be cool if you are right.
  10. Hello, I have this comic and was wondering if this is Talon or one of the members of the Court of Owls and am not sure. Does someone have a definitive answer? best, Matthew
  11. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone here might have a great example of Batman by Alex Ross. I am looking for a nice painted piece. thanks, Matthew
  12. "Man, I guess I am just a natural born killer" Done by Sebastian Kruger
  13. What was the price on the Wrightson Swampthing double cover?
  14. Hello Guys, I am hoping someone can help me out. A dear friend of mine is looking for a nice Gorrila Grodd piece of comic art. I am trying to find the right piece for him. I saw a nice color guide on ebay but I would rather spend an extra couple bucks and get him a nice example of original pen and ink comic art. Anything published I would like to see. Please PM if you can help. thanks, Matthew
  15. I tried facebook but its been weeks and my message has not been seen. I was hoping someone here could help me out. There could be a couple bucks in it for you if you can. I can explain further if you message me.
  16. Beautiful and Large Swampthing Cover painting for sale. Listed this on ebay.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Swamp-Thing-148-Original-Cover-Art-Painting-by-John-Mueller-1994-Oink-Creator/324110718067?hash=item4b76811473:g:9VMAAOSwE0dedoLe
  17. I saw some on Bill's website yesterday. Check it out.
  18. Hello, Does anyone have a great Batman piece by Bruce Timm? I have cash and art for the right piece. I am not looking for prelims or head shots. I would like to find one representative example for my collection. Please do message me if you have a high end Timm Batman. best, Matthew
  19. In my search of a Dark Knight Frank Miller page, I am also looking for a definitive Neal Adams Batman example. I only need one example for my Batman collection. If you have something by Neal Adams that you think would make for a great representation for Neal on Batman, please message me.