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  1. The wife and I are on episode 12, we will finish it to night. I thought it started out a little slow but was still worth watching. It did pick up fast though, by episode 3 I was hooked. We are liking it a lot. We both enjoyed all the Marvel Netflix shows so far, we actually have watched them all twice so far. I look forward to the others coming!

  2. Thanks guys! It is a great copy and I am happy with it. The main damage which doesn't really show up in the picture is the lower right corner. It is a bit crinkled. I imagine it could be pressed out and most likely get me a grade bump but I am fine with the comic the way it is.


    This is the third copy that I have owned. When I was in 6th grade I traded a friend a bunch of Spider-Man comics for a copy that his step-father passed down. It would grade out around a 5.0. I ended up trading it a year later for a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #129 along with some other Spidey comics. Spider-Man always being my favorite.


    A few years back I bought a nice CGC 8.0 copy on here but shortly after lost my job and had to sell it. I wish I still had that copy, it was sweet! At the time it was $500, now a 8.0 is much, much more! I paid more then that for this 3.5 copy.


    This one will stay with me for the long haul though.

  3. Eternity.....interesting. I didn't see anything of the such, it's possible I suppose. I thought that would have been a perfect time for a Dr. Strange cameo. My wife thought for sure that we would see the Wasp just hanging out stuck in there.

  4. I took my wife and son (my daughter wanted to stay home) to see Ant-Man yesterday and we all thought it was great! Just a good, well scripted, fun movie. I see Ant-Man having a good future coming. All the nay-sayers need to watch it, I think they may change their opinions......

  5. I'm just wondering....the few posters that are posting they did not enjoy Daredevil or have no desire to watch a second season, what kind of TV shows DO you like?


    My favorite shows are: Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Justified, The Shield, The Walking Dead and Prison Break. With Dexter and Daredevil right behind. I thought DD was great and I am excited for season 2!

  6. Cool! I wrote Steve Ditko about 2 years ago asking several questions and comenting on his art. To my surprise I received a TWO PAGE letter back! Same style paper as you got there and he signed it twice the same way. I was very excited. It is now framed on my living roon wall under a framed poster of Amazing Fantasy #15.


    In the letter to me he talks briefly about stolen art and his time at Marvel, but very briefly. I got his address from a board member here who has written him in the past. The address on the letter was different then the one I sent it too.