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  1. Just a reminder that Morgan is coming out on the 2nd - I saw a prescreening and it's definitely Sci-Fi, released by Fox.
  2. She is very cute. She is what 18 years old? And she already lost her eyebrows. Not sure if this is MJ model material. 19.
  3. That is such a tough book in high grade. Congrats Reprint from 05? :shrug: Marvel Legends books were often damaged before even taking them out of the case, as far as I can tell
  4. Sub-Mariner is with Universal, not Fox. But I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment
  5. I'm at the airport in Toronto on a layover on my way to the Tampa Bay Comicon as we speak. This is fun for me because as far as I can recall, the last time I participated in this contest was 2012 when I was on my way to the Calgary Comicon.
  6. I think I know what this means, but I'm not going to tell anybody in case I'm wayyyy wrong.
  7. I really shouldn't get so excited about timecodes. The fact that I'm thinking this hard about it means it can't be me. But I went ahead and sold my right ankle bone to the devil, just in case.
  8. I agree it was better, but certain things still needed to be fixed. I'm still a little confused why the Flash in the Justice League movie looks different than B vs S, hair, goatee and all. I prefer his look in Justice League compared to B vs S, just confused why there was no continuity. Some things in B vs S are still a little confusing if you are not a comic book fan or have friends who are. Captain America Civil War did not have that problem and is now my new gold standard in which to compare other super hero films to. If I may - the only problem with Civil War is that there are a few key points that could be lost on the casual viewer, like the idea that there's been tension building up from previous events, how Scott fits into things, why this "Sokovia" is so important... I'm sure people get the gist, but I'm not sure it's the gold standard for a standalone superhero flick. Which is why I like to think of the MCU as a really long, high budget TV series.
  9. On that note, I wonder if Matt Smith has ever tried standup. I think he'd do British comedy very well.
  10. Agreed. They could have done much better, but seeing as the first movie turned out so well I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on this lame pick working. I imagine they have a plan.
  11. Michael Keaton looks like the Vulture already - I fully support this
  12. I agree with this fully. The evidence, while still scarce, keep pointing in this direction.
  13. Team instinct! Great minds think alike, my friend! Should of chose Mystic Mysticism is nothing without a firm base in intuition.
  14. Team instinct! Great minds think alike, my friend!
  15. Caught an Eevee and a Squirtle in my own house this morning. I consider myself very lucky. I'm also now level 5, which means I can challenge the gym that is at my place of work.