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  1. Posted a copy of Stumptown #1 last night. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290419687986&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT No reserve.
  2. Just got the raws today at the shop and the slabs in the mail from a fellow boardie. The ASM is over in the "Spare a Grade" forum. Please let me know what you think.
  3. Does a missing page take it down that much, esp one that doesn't affect the story? Sorry for the noob question, but that book presents a h3ll of a lot better than .5
  4. Incredible Hulk 141 - I found this on eBay. Its another July 1971 issue. Tough month. The copy is a little dirty in the top left corner, but I can always upgrade down the road. Jimmy Olsen 139 - This is also a July 1971 issue. I found this on the WorldWide Comics website. This is my first "pedigree" book. It says it is a "Hollywood" copy. If anyone knows about that colleciton, let me know. Here are some great American Flagg! issues I found in my LCS quarter bin recently. Check the scans - these are beautiful.
  5. Just got these in. They are compltely unrelated, content-wise, but both are July 1971 issues - my birth month and year. Yes, I know they weren't on the shelves that month. Let it go. The BnB is missing a bit of gloss, but is otherwise beautiful. I'm happy to have Air Pirates in almost any condition. The spine is pretty beat up, but it presents farily well from the front.
  6. Like I always say, the only thing better than a Gorilla is a flying Gorilla. Seriously beautiful books.
  7. WTTB and NICE BOOKS!! (thumbs u Don't see these issues very often! Thanks for the welcome and for the kudos on the books. I got them from Time Warp Comics in Boulder, CO. I must admit, I was bummed when the first one didn't come back in the 9 range. There is a hairline crease not even visible in the scans in the bottom right. Does anyone think the third is worth getting slabbed?I have been loving going through this thread and the Neal Adams thread. I have a lot of catching up to do.Bill
  8. Thanks! I love the Question too. I have #3 in FN-VF unslabbed. The top staple is misplaced and has a bit of stress, however. Here is a scan. Although not stated on the cover, it is a Question issue as well.
  9. Hi there. I am new to the board and while I didn't get these this week, I thought I'd share. My scanner isn't quite big enough to show the bottom edge of the comic, but the bottom edges on these are perfect.
  10. That is beautiful. I've always loved his Joker. The signature in Green is perfect.