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  1. It doesn't sound like you get out much, so should be fine..... And if you go out even less, you are gonna wish you still had that porn
  2. A lot of back and forth here - including many people well educated and well spoken. But I'll add my few cents... Yes, the seasonal flu does make many more people sick and kill many more people every year than does CV-19. That is a fact. So many a person and some of our politicians are saying "quit worrying" But - CV 19 morality rate is far, far higher than the flu. The WHO organization is putting the mortality rate at 3.4%. That would be 3400 deaths per 100,000 cases. Versus 14 deaths per 100,000 cases of the flu. And there is no vaccination as yet - it will be at least next year and maybe two years before such is available. One could say a three percent chance of something happening is low. But we are talking about death . If 3.4% --- or even 1% --- of commercial airline flights crashed NO ONE would fly - including the pilots and attendants. It is also worth noting that age and gender seem to be a large factor. Two thirds of the deaths are male. 30% are 60-69 and 50% are 70 or older. So WHO says CV 19 has an overall 3.4% mortality rate. But most of those deaths are men age 60 and older. Not too comforting a thought if you happen to be part of that demographic. But still there is unknowns about the stats. There are not enough test kits, won't be for another month. Maybe a lot more people that get it and never get tested - and recover just fine. That would reduce the overall mortality rate. Which is why we NEED the test kits. So public health officials have a better picture of transmission, can better plan. CV-19 also appears to spread really fast once it hits an area (perhaps because no vaccination exists and since it is new few people have a natural immunity) So when it hits an area, it can quickly explode in the population. Which overwhelms local medical resources. THIS is the reason why of all the quarantines. As Barney Fife would say - "we need to NIP it in the BUD!" Countries with developed economies may actually have end up more problems with controlling CV 19 until a vaccine is available. Because developed countries have economies largely based on retail. People waiting on people, people shopping, people attending events. Soooo.. There is no way we'll know now how this plays out. Maybe a year from now we all are saying big fuss about a little thing. Or maybe it will get really bad. Or maybe it would have been really bad except for the over-abundance of caution being practiced by health control officials and businesses/organizations cancelling large public events. Postponing or cancelling ECC - and event that draws huge crowds (what, 100,000 attendees?) into an area that it's believed CV-19 may have been circulating for a couple of months. They might as well postpone - as a lot of guests and fans were thinking they might just skip.
  3. Sad for your lose. No one wants to have a comic book go missing as a result of submitting it for 3rd party grading and encapsulation. And this was a signed book, so there is no doubt an even greater emotional attachment. That said, despite the best attempts and processes set up, humans make mistakes. This is the reason we are told to declare a value on the books submitted to 3rd party grading services. If they cannot find your book, CBCS - and CGC - will/would compensate. But probably only up to the amount one declares the value of the book(s) to be. Someone posted up here on these boards about a year ago that CGC had lost his books. USPS showed delivered and signed for and I believe CGC showed them originally received on the web portal. But CGC could not locate them. So while thankfully lost books are rare, it is not impossible. Hopefully your book will turn up. If not you will receive some compensation. Perhaps they could get another copy of the book and have a facilitator get the same signatures. Like CGC, they set up at plenty of shows and have facilitators going to additional shows.
  4. Einstein famously wore only gray suits. Obama less famously only wore gray or blue suits later in his presidency. Both did so for the same reason. Not wasting brain power thinking about an everyday problem of what to wear. Research has borne out that the act of making simple decisions can degrade one's ability to make subsequent decisions. Numerous other famous people have also worn essentially the same outfit. Often as a "branding" thing. Steve Jobs immediately comes to mind. Johnny Cash was called The Man in Black. So you two are in good company wearing the same type of clothing every or nearly everyday.
  5. If you are on Medicaid, you can often - really most of the time - get help paying for your Medicare from your State Medicaid program. Depending on your income and resources, you may also get help with your Medicare copayments and deductibles. These are called Medicare Savings programs and their are four different types. Three of the four if you qualify than you also qualify for help paying for Medicare Prescription Drug coverage (Part D) So if you are on Medicaid, there is a good chance you will not have to pay the monthly premium for Medicare and you may qualify for additional help beyond that. The link below has nearly all the information you need to get started. Look over the income limits for each of the Medicare Savings programs listed and see which seem to be a fit for you. You apply for these Medicare Savings programs at the same State agency that you applied for Medicaid with. Some states - I worked 35 years as a manager for the agency that administers this program in Indiana - will automatically enroll Medicaid recipients into one of the Medicare Savings Programs as soon as they turn 65 and qualify for Medicare. This is done because it saves the State agency money:. Medicare pays before Medicaid does - so it transfers medical expenses from a program (Medicaid) that is funded about 60/40 Federal /State to a program that is 100% Federally funded (Medicare). So you might not need to do much of anything except call and ask if you need to do anything. https://www.medicare.gov/your-medicare-costs/get-help-paying-costs/medicare-savings-programs
  6. Supposedly hand sanitizer/washing our hands often is the best thing to do....
  7. It's certainly possible. So far what I've read says some corona viruses can live a few days on a surface. It's not known if this strand can. And there is no reason a polybag couldn't harbor the virus if say an infected individual sneezed near a comic in a poly bag and some droplets landed on such.
  8. I believe it remains to be seen if the public is over reacting to it. And the news media is supposed to report things like this. Right now, it's not the total number of cases that is alarming. It's the mortality rate. It's tempting to say "people in rural China probably don't have good health care". But in Italy - which does have first world, modern health care 29 people have died with 1100 confirmed cases. That more than a 2.5% mortality rate. Versus the flu where the mortality rate is about 14 people out of ever y100,000 cases. We are talking about a mortality rate that might be 100X more higer than the flu. Put in perspective. - 2.5% is relatively small. But if there was a 2.5% chance of your commercial airline flight crashing, NO ONE would fly commercial. Everyone - including the pilots and attendants - would find some other job or another way to get where they were going. If there was a 2.5% chance that getting a dental filling would kill you, you'd live with a cavity or get the tooth pulled. So yes, this is potentially alarming. Now it's possible - even likely - that the mortality rate is artificially high. Some people - but we don't know how many or what percentage - have mild symptoms from coronavirus and never seek medical attention, never go to the doctor. So getting to the point - I believe CGC made the right call in skipping sending staff to a huge event where it's likely infected individuals are attending and spreading the virus. An overabundance of caution is better than regret.
  9. Chicago gets this much undeserved reputation all the time. While Chicago has a higher violent crime rate that Seattle (but nothing like 10x higher. ) , you are actually much more likely to be the victim of a crime in Seattle. The FBI publishes crime rate statistics annually. A couple of different websites summarize them nicely. I find neighborhood scout very easy to use. Chicago is at 7%. Safer than 7% of US cities. Seattle is at 2%. Safer than 2% of US cities. https://www.neighborhoodscout.com/wa/seattle/crime https://www.neighborhoodscout.com/il/chicago/crime
  10. I've had that done too at 55. The prep was horrible but after the injection of Versed I don't remember anything except being told to roll over. Next I know I wake up with my wife standing by my side. She says to me "you were really chatting it up with that nurse". My reply was "what nurse?" Now I know how date rape drugs work. I remember nothing.... Now they have a very reliable poop in a can / ship it to a lab test called Cologuard. Costs substantially less and skips that intrusive thing of having a nurse run 20 foot of tubing up your arse and then inflating it with a pump. I had to tell my doctor about Cologuard. So 10 years from now when they want to do the colonoscopy test again ask for Cologuard instead. Unless you prefer that more intimate, human touch thing. And geez - the packages that are on a UPS truck.... And this thread is freaking gold, baby. I've laughed until tears in my eyes.
  11. Children, you can call yourself old when you get your Medicare card...... I was buying and selling comic books long before ASM 300 was published.
  12. Which is why smart investors buy during the dips. Google shouldn't be taking a hit. Neither should say Facebook. if people limit travel and going out then they spend more time Googling and Facebooking. And these companies have no exposure to China. The stock market was overheated - perhaps in "bubble" territory. Lots of investors have been dancing close to the exits for months now and were/are looking for any excuse to sell and take profits. As for comic books - for the past 45 years better books (vintage) have proven to be very resilient. We'll have to see a real recession - not just a stock market dip - to see any affect on collectible comic book prices.
  13. The .4 is clearly a labeling error. Labeling errors are not common - and not rare. Getting the numeric grade wrong is I believe a rare mistake though. CGC had a special deal going with Wizard long ago where they did some 9.5's of their books. It was some sort of (dumb IMHO) promotion. Those are not mistakes. Just oddities. Here is a quote from Wikipedia from the CGC entry Wizard First (red and white) No longer in use, originally used by CGC/Wizard magazine as a new type of slabbed collectible. Only three grades were given to comics submitted by Wizard directly to CGC: 9.0, 9.5, and 10.0. This is the only time CGC has ever used the grade "9.5".
  14. This Only unwitnessed signatures on the cover get a green, Qualified label. If signed elsewhere -like the first page - then the book is universal grade. Supposedly the unwitnessed signature on the interior is treated as a defect when grading. It isn't much of a defect however, as I personally have sent in half a dozen TMNT 1's with signatures/sketches on the inside of the front cover and one copy graded 9.8. Several 9.4/9.6 The seller is of course "cheating" with the listing. He/she does not know and CGC has not verified that the book is "signed" by Jack Kirby. The label says "Jack Kirby written on bottom of first page in pen" . That is NOT the same thing as "signed by Jack Kirby".
  15. So as general guidelines Yes, split the difference for "split grades". Split grades being gd/vg, vg/fn, fn/vf For + and - (like say VG-) there is no real guideline. Many including myself add or subtract 10% If a book only has a listing in the price guide at the 9.2 price, what that means is it rarely has value as a collectible in lesser grades. When books are cheap in NM, no collector really wants a less than NM copy. So the book that is $4 is in OPG at 9.2 and lists no other price is essentially a reading copy in any lower grade. Books that comic book stores typically have in their .50 cent or one dollar boxes. So yes, list such books as no more than a buck. Collectinsure doesn't really require anything except you keep a list. OPG is probably the best overall guide for raw books to estimate value for insurance purposes. For slabbed books GPA would be better. The only requirement I'm aware of is that you have to provide to GPA a list of any single book valued above a certain threshold. When I first signed up years ago that threshold was $5,000. I believe it is now $25,000. You can do this online under "scheduled items".
  16. Just answering your question, if you marry pages or a cover - and no other qualifying or restoration work is done - you are going to get a green, Qualified label. BTW - if you send the book in missing the centerfold you will also get a Green, Qualified label. You can ask for a blue, universal label. But in both cases - married or missing the centerfold - the book is incomplete and you are going to get .5. There are no other options. You CANNOT get from CGC a 2.0'ish BLUE LABEL grade with a book missing the centerfold or married with a centerfold from another comic. From that place that moved to Texas, you could get a 2.0'ish blue label grade if you married the centerfold. Because Voldy doesn't have a "Qualified" label. It will just be noted on the label text that the book has a married centerfold. But the label color will be blue.
  17. Married pages/covers get a green, Qualified label. There might not be a reason to ask "why". This was the decision made long ago. I can see the logic of a restored grade. But I can see the logic of a Qualified grade. With the assumption of married page/cover being the ONLY thing done to the book, maybe it's the difference between recreating the missing page/cover or using an original page/cover. Sort of like using original factory parts when restoring a car versus reproduction parts. The first is more desirable - closer to "original"
  18. Restored books get an "apparent" grade. How they look. There is no "grade drop" for restoration itself. The book gets the numeric grade it's appearance warrants and the restoration itself is "graded" on professional quality (A, B or C) and how extensive the restoration is (1, 2 , 3) C-1 is a small amount of amateur restoration. A-3 is a lot of professional restoration. Of your questions>>>> 3) is a restored grade. There is no "drop" of grade because it is restored, just the purple label 2) IF NOTHING ELSE WAS DONE EXCEPT the page being reattached, this would be a Conserved grade. A blue label with a grey bar across it. Conserved is still an "apparent" grade, so no numeric grade drop. Just the blue/gray label. HOWEVER, if any other work that counts as restoration is done, it gets the purple label. 1) IF ONLY MISSING 1/3 of an interior page, the book would get a Green, Qualified label. No numeric grade drop. Just the Green label with label stating 1/3 of page xxx is missing. IF the book has other work done that counts as restoration, you will get a very low grade - but not a NG. Most likely a .5 maybe 1.0 RESTORED and the book will be noted as incomplete on the label. NG's are given for coverless books, covers only and interior pages only. If you have a book that is missing 1/3 of a page AND the book already has some restoration done to it, you might as well have the missing page/piece married, recreated or reattached. Because otherwise you will have both a restored grade and a very low, incomplete grade.
  19. If nothing else has been done to a comic, CGC gives books with married covers/interior pages a green, qualified label. As far as value goes, there is a reason Green labels have a nickname of GLOD. Green Label Of Death (as far as value goes) Though most of us wish there was, there is no "formula" for determining the value of purple and green labels compared to blue. It depends on what was done to earn the purple and green, It depends on how high the condition is. It depends on just how valuable and how much in demand the book is. There are some general guidelines. But only general. Generally, green and purple labels have a lesser impact on value compared to universal blue labels in lower grades. Assuming the book is expensive otherwise and there is demand. If a book is otherwise cheap in low grade, there is going to be next to no demand for a restored or qualified copy. So if your book - let's say an Amazing Fantasty 15 - is a 2.0 green label then you may well get 60-65% of blue label price. But if your book is 9.6 green label, you may well end up getting 10% of blue label. Why is easy to understand. AF 15 in 9.6 is over a million bucks. For 50% of that price - over half a million - which would you rather own? A green label 9.6 or a blue label 9.2? The answer is obvious. So then it becomes a matter of sliding the grade down and "now which would you prefer?" Even $100,000 gets a 6.5-7.0 blue label. So there is no formula and thus no easy answer. Depends on the book, the demand, the grade and the price of an equivalent blue label.
  20. I think either choice has merit. If you believe you will be reselling it at some point in the future, I'd keep it as is and sell as the seller has sold it - but mention and show that the corner is present, comes with the book but is detached. If you reattach the corner with archival tape, I would use a very small piece in the middle. This way in a bag and board the corner is attached and won't move around. But if you use a very small piece of tape it will be possible for a future owner to gently work the tape off if they wish to do so. If you were planning on keeping the book in your collection for a very long time, I would be inclined as faster friends is. It's not an expensive book so might as well have it present better. Do it neatly and in a bag and board you will be only one that knows it has been repaired with tape.
  21. Pictures would help. But I believe you are describing finger bends. They are about dime size and half moon in shape. It is literally what it says. Someone put their finger on the cover - often times while opening the book - and left a light bend shaped like the edge of a finger. Finger bends are defects, CGC notes them in the grading notes of books they grade. As for grading itself, it doesn't actually start at 10 and subtract points for each defect. I've seen 9.4's with one or two finger bends noted. And like all defects it's a matter of degree. Some finger bends are very light. Others deep and even break color.
  22. Yes, can be pressed and will be flat. Not sure about that ball bearing or pool ball thing. I seriously doubt that CCS has a supply of either in their tool kit. But while flat is likely, it looks like the paper shows the effects of getting wet with the gloss to the pages. It looks more matte than glossy. If you turn the page at an angle you'll easily see it. Nothing to be done about that and if sent to be graded CGC would note the moisture damage and grade the book down for it - even if pressed flat and smooth.