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  1. It would have been more helpful for the grader to have offered you a quick opinion on the books grade. Not on a grade drop. Two points from what? Where was the starting point? It's actually a mistake t think in terms of "how many points to take off for xxx defect". That's not really how it works. If it did, it would be common for books with a lot defects to grade less than -0-. Instead, many defects should be thought of from the standpoint of "what is the highest grade a book can get with xxx defect?" A NM book with a subscription crease rarely does better than 6.0 and normally is in the 5 something range. Then there is also the idea of the lower the grade, the more defects allowed. If the B&B 34 was otherwise an upper mid grade looking copy, a few fingerprints on the back cover are not going to make much difference. It seems logical to assume CGC views sending graders to shows as an inefficient use of their time. Except perhaps the one or two shows a year where on site grading actually takes place. But I would also point out CGC generally doesn't answer "what if?" grading questions. You won't get answers to such grading questions here on the "ask CGC" sub forum. And I think it wise they don't answer such questions. It will just lead to lawyering and debating at some point. Each book needs to be examined by graders to arrive at a grade. Not some discussion from afar that goes "if a book is xxx grade now and has xxx wrong with it, how much does it affect the grade?". That's just a foolish question that leads to foolish answers. Because the real answer is "it depends. Let me see it"
  2. A lot of people think in terms of, ask their question on grading as "how much does xxx defect affect the grade?". A lot of people answer the question with "xxx grade drop" A better way to think of grading with specific defects is "what is the best grade a book with this defect could get?" Because most defects work more that way. There is a top grade xxx defect would be allowed in. I recently sent in two copies of ASM 194 that were virtually identical. Bought at a comic book store and put away for 40+ years. One copy got 9.4. I missed a tiny bit of rust on bottom staple of the other copy. Looks pretty much like yours. A bit of rust and it did stain the paper just a wee bit. That book got 8.0. So it appears rust that stains paper even just a little limits a book at CGC to 8.0. LIMITS a book to 8.0. NOT a four grade reduction. Because if it was a four grade reduction, an otherwise 2.0 copy with staple rust would grade -0-
  3. Fingerprints would be a defect that has more impact at the NM grades. A book that is otherwise 8.0 is probably still 8.0 with a fingerprint or two. A book that is otherwise 9.8 is probably going to drop to 9.2-9.4. Maybe even 9.0. There is also the issue of degree. Not every fingerprint looks the same. Your last picture has several fingerprints/smudges and would certainly be a bigger defect with a larger impact on grade than some of the others you picture.
  4. my opinion is it has nothing to do with pressing. CGC is just very strict right now - especially on on moderns and even more especially on the 9.8 grade.
  5. Absorbene can make a hell of a mess and you end up with pink mess on the cover, which you then need to clean off. Absorbene is made to lift dirt off of paper, which is why it's used more for cleaning old wallpaper than anything else. It's no more effective on ink than erasers. It's unlikely that the fingerprints/ink smudges can be cleaned off without removing some of the underlying yellow ink. At least not by the cleaning methods pressing services use. A restoration professional MIGHT be able to use a solvent and get it off. A few possible issues with that: 1) Restoration costs FAR more than clean and press. You might not end up netting any more money 2) If CGC decides the book has been cleaned with solvents, you risk a conserved label when graded. Just get the book pressed and graded and take what you get. It's basically found money, right?
  6. What is interesting is I have had instances where clients WANTED CGC to slab the book reversed. Back cover better, flip books and such. Back cover forward. CGC doesn't do this on request, but obviously occasionally makes mistakes
  7. I don't have a strong opinion on the question. I will note that married pages/covers gets a Green, Qualified label. Not purple restored. Unless some other restoration type work was done. For the hypothetical book (Action 1) - as KCO noted - I would not touch a universal, complete 1.0 copy. It's probably worth at least as much - probably more - than the Green Label married pages 3.0 all on it's lonesome. So what's the point?
  8. They are on FB and IG. The Facebook page lists that they are on the CGC forum as kvargas24 https://www.facebook.com/firstimpressionpressing/
  9. You ask for an answer you will never get. There is no "how much do they count off for" .CGC graders don't have a grading card where they look and knock of points or fractions of a point for each defect they see. The reason someone has already replied "post pictures of the entire book" is because the entire book is assigned a grade, based on it's overall appearance. The small defects you show in your picture probably have little impact on the grade at 8.0, zero impact at 6.0 or less. But more on higher grade. A more accurate way to think of grading isn't "who much do the take off?" but instead "what's the best grade you can get with this defect?" You also need to realize that CGC does not answer what if questions, a grader is not going to look at your pictures and give you an answer. Neither do they publish a grading guide - much as many of us wish they would. Because if they did they'd spend all day lawyering grades with those unhappy with their grades instead of grading books. TAT would be measured in years, not months. Getting a handle on how CGC grades is developed over years of sending books in. Your researching similar books on eBay is an excellent idea. So is funnybooks answer a few hours ago to post up pictures of the entire book in the please grade me sub-forum. People with will offer an opinion based on their experience. I will only note grade wise all prestige format (or perfect bound) books have a line/indent like this at the glue line. The question is if the book has been opened and read - how carefully, how many times. Because wrinkling forms along the line/indent from the book being opened. I see a tiny bit of that at the top of the front cover but no where else. So it appears to be a very minor thing.
  10. Finally someone touches on the real answer. I was going to be more forceful but Lion's Den beat me to it. SIZE is the least reliable indicator of a book being trimmed. Quality control was more a thought than a fact back in the day of vintage newsprint comic books. Just a few weeks ago I sent an ASM 101 in for a client that I suspected might be trimmed given that it was smaller than normal both length and width. Came back universal CGC. I'm glad I didn't say anything and cause any unnecessary alarm. There is a sticky in this sub forum on how to detect restoration. I suck at detecting trimming. But I have learned a 1/4" or ever more difference in size is not a reliable indicator of trimming.
  11. Yeah, sorry man. That is touch up with a marker that has bled through. Restored. Obviously you did not do this. But you did not buy it off the news stand so you have no idea who or how many people owned it before you. Chances are high that given it's condition the person that took a marker to it was not thinking in terms of "restoration". Instead they just wanted their otherwise rough copy to look a bit nicer.
  12. I do not believe "yes you can" applies to many collectors. I CPR a lot of books and apparently - based on the results - page quality is a guestimate by CGC that varies widely. As for restoration, small amounts of professional restoration is beyond the abilities of most of us to detect. I have a lot of experience in the hobby and detecting trimming is way beyond my skill set. I send in books I suspect trimming and all is good. I send in books that look fine only to learn the top edge of the cover has been trimmed. There is a reason that "I like my high dollar books to be professionally graded and encapsulated" is the most common answer. Most of us need a bit of help...
  13. This topic comes up regularly in comic book stores and Facebook forums. I couldn't pick just one. I grew up in the 60's reading comic books and I read nearly everything. Archie to Zorro and everything in between. Batman and Spider-Man have long been near the top of my favorites. But I loved Magnus Robot Fighter and Uncle Scrooge just as much.
  14. I like comic books. As such, I don't have a preference. I own both. As a practical matter, I have thousands of comics but only hundreds of slabs. I like slabbed books because the slab provides a lot of protection (you can let friends actually hold the book). Slabbed books are also far easier to turn into cash. They sell quicker and often (but not always) for more $$. On expensive books third party professional grading and encapsulation provides a lot of peace of mind. And finally I just like the way books look when encapsulated. I like raw books because they take up far less space than slabbed. As a practical matter, I wouldn't have enough space to store my collection if every book was slabbed. Also consider third party grading and encapsulation costs $$$. Money I could otherwise spend on MORE comic books. Mylar and a sturdy, buffered backing board provide a lot of protection - but not as much as encapsulation. My friends aren't going to get to look at them, never mind touch. Comic books also look nearly as nice in Mylar and sturdy buffered backing board. Almost. When one frequents the CGC discussion board, it is easy to lose track of what we actually collect. We collect comic books. The VAST universe of collecting is raw. Slabbed books are only a tiny portion of the hobby. It's just a very noticeable, gets a lot of attention very tiny part of the hobby. If you doubt which is "bigger" just go visit virtually any comic book store or comic book convention. There are thousands of raw books for every one slab. But anyway, I like both. Own both.
  15. CGC changed it's stance on tape in 2013. Tape can NEVER improve the grade of a book. If tape repairs a defect - like a detached cover or a detached corner of the cover - then the book is graded as though the cover is still detached, the corner still loose. If tape does nothing - say someone added tape to the spine just to reinforce - then the tape itself is considered a defect and factored into the grade. If you use a piece of regular tape ("scotch magic tape) to reattach the cover on your Iron Man 1 the book will get the same grade it would have received if the cover was still detached. If you use archival tape or other professional retoration type reattachment (wheat paste and mending paper) you will get a conserved grade. The grade will be higher as it will be an "apparent" grade. But it will have a conserved label. Overall, there is little financial incentive to reattach the cover. You either get the same blue label grade as if the cover is still detached or a higher grade but with a Conserved label. Link to CGC announcement https://www.cgccomics.com/news/article/3327/CGC-Modifies-Stance-on-Grading-Submissions-with-Tape/#:~:text=Currently%2C CGC's stance on tape,a piece of the comic.&text=Books with tape that have,criteria and be graded accordingly.
  16. Without seeing in hand I cannot say for sure, but from the picture I would guess little spots of mold growth. Not just on Flash's leg, there is one a bit further down as well
  17. The 7/7 submission was 3 books - all UF 4 The 7/2 submission was 1 book - Hulk 2 6/22 there were actually two separate submissions - both Express and both one book each. Again both books were UF 4
  18. Well - current TAT are long, right Sometimes a little weird too. I've sent in half a dozen Express tier submissions the past month. Here is some weirdness ALL THE BELOW ARE EXPRESS TIER SUBMISSIONS: All books marked EX on box, all promptly opened and entered into CGC tracking and showing on my dashboard. Date Received 6/22/21 - Current Status Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging Date Received 7/2/21 - Shipped today - 7/19/21 Date Received 7/7/21 - Shipped 7/14/21
  19. The cover stock Valiant used on their earliest issues seemed prone to splitting along the spine. There are lots of people disappointed with the grade of their Harbinger 1's due to spine splits. But it is a prone to thing. Not a common manufacturing defect. VF is much to high a grade if the entire spine area between staples is split. MCS is usually fairly strict so they probably just missed this defect.
  20. Moon Knight is a straight up super hero title. Costume, later powers - the entire super hero thing. MOKF was Marvel cashing in on the Kung Fu craze of the 70's. Shang-Chi had a nice long run and plenty of cross overs in various titles. But ultimately Shang Chi was a martial artist only and feels a lot less super hero'ish. I suspect that is the why of the difference in values.....
  21. Do BIN with best offer option.
  22. On HBO max in 4K right now - if you are a subscriber. At least this year subscribing makes a lot of sense given the simultaneous release of WB's films in both theaters and HBO
  23. I don't envision much in the way of changes to the boards. Why bother? But as for the rest of what is said above, Blackstone's interest is limited to making money. Their investments span the alphabet from A-Z. Any improvements made, any better software or reductions in wait time will happen only if and too the degree it has the effect of improving the bottom line financials. Anyone that has ever been part of a company that was bought out, acquired or merged will probably have a skeptical outlook on things improving anytime soon. Typically such acquisitions usually have the effect of "gets worse before better." We will see in the months ahead....
  24. More important than sending an email would be some public feedback rating. I too made a successful purchase on MySlabs and it would be nice to record such so others would know this seller did well. Others have said so, but MySlabs really needs to work out the search function AND you need to rethink the entire all sales are final. You are using PayPal for payment processing and PayPal doesn't allow that. Everyone involved in the transaction has agreed to PayPal's rules when they signed up so your "rule" is pretty much meaningless. It would seem to me and many others that MySlabs should simply walk away from this aspect of the transaction. You introduced buyer and seller on your platform. PayPal was used for payment. If there are problems, let buyer, seller and PayPal work it out.