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  1. Nice! I've been looking for a copy of #17 but keep getting better deals on others instead. I never liked Invaders before this year but the covers have really been growing on me lately and i've been getting ones i can find a decent deal on. I have a #1 and a #32 on the way and then a #17 should be next on my list.
  2. And a couple Invaders This might be my new favorite BA book. I LOVE this cover!
  3. Here's a few that i've gotten in the last couple weeks
  4. As promised, here's my LG copy of JLA #1. Doesnt look as bad in the picture but in hand, it has a million and 1 little tears and pieces missing.
  5. I have only one JLA book as i'm a Marvel guy but it is JLA #1. It's a complete garbage copy, easily the worst condition book in my entire collection. I bought a 400-500 book collection around 2000 and this was part of the collection. I dont even have a pic of it anywhere since i never figured anyone would even want to see something as ugly as this bad boy. I'll dig it out and take a pic of it but we're talking 0.5 range. CGC would probably refuse to even grade this rag!