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  1. Been away too long. Looks like this thread's been kickin' it.Some great posts. Dr. B, I've been trying to find a copy of the foil cover for #19 for ages. Nice grab on OA. All I have to offer is this: Red Sonja Vol.1 #'s 1-15 all 9.8 WP. Took forever.
  2. That's better than nice CGC it That is a sweet copy!
  3. I'm almost tempted. Spent a bunch this weekend at FCBD though.
  4. Welcome to the insanity It won't get crazy until he buys the 9.8 #'s 2-6 on eBay (they've been sitting there for quite a while, and need a good home), and goes insane trying to finish the set. When you start mumbling about how you just need a #11in front of strangers you'll know you're there.
  5. Thought you'd get a kick out if that.
  6. So, who ended up with the 9.8 WP Conan #44 on eBay yesterday? That was one crazy auction.
  7. Yeah, it's been there for three weeks with not so much as a single bid. Wonder why they had it graded by those guys? Pretty nice copy though from what I can see. Nice centering, which is pretty rare on this issue.
  8. I don't think cheetah's set sold. Sure would like that #11 though. As for the Vol.3 set, let's just say the guy was a real PITA. More upset as to who it went to than actually selling it. After 80 billion emails I finally told him to send it back, and I would refund him in full. All of a sudden everything was fine. Geez.
  9. Frank was great. He did Red Sonja from Marvel Feature Vol. 2 #2 up to Red Sonja #11, but it was Esteban Maroto that defined Red's look with the chain mail bikini in Savage Sword of Conan #1. Her 3rd appearance. That lasted until Mary Wilshire put her in the blue tunic that lasted through the 80's.
  10. Marvel's Vol 3 actually had some pretty decent storytelling in it, but I think that by the time the movie came out Marvel just had no interest in her. Blackthorne did their 3-D issue in '88, but it is horrible. The story is ridiculous, and the 3-D isn't very good. Cross Plains did their, "Red Sonja A Death In Scarlet" in '99. Written by Roy Thomas. I haven't read this one, but it's supposed to be pretty good. Dynamite has actually kept her alive since then. The writing and artwork are top notch. Especially in the earlier issues. They ended up killing her in issue #34, and the comic got a little wonky after that with the story line. The later issues I've read (# 50's to # 60's) seem to have feel of the earlier issues, but without following the story it's hard to tell what's going on. The mini series stories I've read are top notch. Queen of the Frozen Wastes, and Revenge of the Gods are both great. I haven't read any of the new Vol. 2 Red Sonja so I don't know anything about it other than the covers are all done by women. Gimmicks will only carry it so far, and I wonder if it will last the 80 issues Vol.1 did. In any case she's a great character, and deserves her place in the pantheon of comics. I think an updated, Rated R film, done right, would go a long way to bringing her into the spotlight.
  11. Not sure if I posted this one yet. Witchblade Red Sonja #1 ComicsPro Variant. I was lucky to grab this when it came out before anyone knew about it. If you can find one now, they're usually over $20.00.
  12. Yeah, we've seen these. I believe they're B&W reprints that came out quite a few years after the originals. Love the Earl Norem cover from Savage Sword of Conan #23 they use on one of these. That's a lot of calamari!
  13. Pretty cool about the date stamps. Nice looking copies too. Still kicking myself for selling my registry set for Vol. 3.
  14. Yeah, Clark Kent cameo is pretty cool, but weird. Plotline happens again in X-Men #190, without Sonja though, and in the Dynamite/Marvel crossover, "Spider-Man Red Sonja". Poor Kulan Gath, just can't catch a break in his bid for world domination.
  15. You guys should read the original R. E. Howard story, "Shadow of the Vulture". Conan #23 is loosely adapted from this story, and is the inspiration for Roy Thomas' Red Sonja. In the original she is Red Sonya of Rogatino. Not the Hyborian Queen we know and love, but a fire haired Ukrainian battle maid. Roy Thomas took the character, and made her his own after a fan had hinted in a letter that another R. E. Howard character, Red Sonya, would make a good companion for Conan. With a change from, "Sonya" to, "Sonja", placing her in the Hyborian age, and mixing in parts of the Irish myth of Scathach, the Goddess she gets her power from, Red Sonja was born. Though it takes place in the 1500's, and not Hyboria, Red Sonya is as entertaining as ever. You can read R. E. Howards original story, "Shadow of the Vulture" here, for free: http://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks06/0608101.txt
  16. Actually it only takes a few seconds. To go sterile I mean.
  17. That 9.6 #24 is pretty sweet. Hard to find with a nice wrap like that. Looks better than most of the 9.8's I've seen lately.
  18. Dynamite Red Sonja #4 Glow In The Dark
  19. No shortage on those 300's, but everybody wants one. I noticed there was only one Dynamite #4 Glow In The Dark 9.8. Hard to find even raw, but I'll bet mine is a contender. It's pretty nice. I'll post a pic.