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  1. Wow, she could play Zombie Tramp in a movie!
  2. I'll PM you. Some people get antsy about me possibly promoting my sales here on the forum. I don't take large discounts, ever...even if it's old stock and definitely not if it's part of a collection I'm already in the black on. I can afford for it to sit forever since it costs me nothing to store my stuff. At most I'll take 20% or so off and even so I'd have to not like the item personally and want it gone, like a Boston Red Sox or Dallas Cowboys item. Lol.
  3. Diversification. I sell comics, toys, video games, sports cards, non-sports cards, antiques, statues, misc items...whatever I think I can make money on. If I don't know about a category and am presented with an opportunity, I learn about it and move forward if I can do it. I also price right. I do a search for "lowest price" on the particular item I'm selling and price mine so it comes up first when someone does that same search (which most collectors do). Then I take offers or make offers within a certain percentage of that to move the item. Cash flow is how I run it. I try not to sit on something for long unless I got it for dirt cheap and can afford to sit on it, like that Ali Bop Bag I acquired via auction. Edit : I just checked my account. I'm down a bit this year but it's sitting at 7.76 items per day so far in 2024.
  4. ...because Good Girls do what they're told.
  5. No, you don't. Why do you think you need them? I don't use them at ALL and I average nearly 10 items sold per day.
  6. Literally within minutes of listing something at $150 (lowest price in that condition) I get an offer for $50. I can't wait until I invent the device to slap someone over the internet.
  7. Look, man. You said, "guaranteed no fake" and then @F For Fake liked your post. Don't make promises your butt can't keep, dude. That ain't right.
  8. We've been a lucky family. My mother had one in a weekly league round, my dad has had three, and I had one in a high school match my senior year.
  9. This made me laugh out loud. Brilliant comment. Lol.
  10. He was amazing. Whatever happened to him, anyway? Is he still working?
  11. YES! Just announced today the show is renewed for Season 5 AND the showrunners are doing a spinoff show called "Star City" that will detail the development of the Russian space program. No word on which one will come out first, or when. Great news!!!
  12. In the UK, yes. That's where Brian and Betsy first appeared...before Marvel Team-Up #65 and New Mutants Annual #2.
  13. Lol. That's awesome. Amazing that no one's ever thought to do that before.
  14. Yeah, there's no way these don't run in the states. The bottles & cans with the Marvel characters on them will be at every retailer.
  15. Oh, of that I have no doubt. I just look at my own bank account, which is doing the best it ever has, and it's fathoms below these levels we're talking about. Lol. "Oh, I love the Porsche in this commercial!" *calls up dealership and gives debit card number, has it delivered the next day*
  16. If they were keepers I'd agree with you but these aren't for me. I'm not a really big Conan fan to begin with.
  17. Numpty? Holy crud that made me laugh. I learned a new insult term today. Lol.
  18. Thanks for the info guys. Mine aren't NM and they're all raw so other than my 2 copies of #1 I think I might just lot them out. I appreciate the info. That #5 is gorgeous, @Jayman!