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  1. How hard is it to make the actual Transformers movie that everyone wants to see, which is a story with the original stars from the original cartoon with characters that don't look like a metal disaster like the Bayverse does? The first 5 minutes of Bumblebee with everyone on cybertron is what we want.
  2. I just finished season 4...excellent show
  3. Sorry to hear this. Never met him but i always thought he lived by me in Jersey. Anyone know what town he lived in?
  4. It was have supposed to have started already, and i was supposed to have been working on it
  5. As a former collector who hasnt purchased anything new since 2001 (i still window shop at the local store or 2 though), i always would have loved to jump back into reading my old 2 favorites, Spidey and X-men. But over the last 20 years i wouldnt even know where to begin. they each have had like 30 different titles and renumberings. It was easy when it was just X-men and Uncanny X-men, and Spiderman and Amazing Spiderman. Now its like 10 versions of Xmen and Spiderman and its too damn confusing. Wish i could go into a store and actually know what to buy
  6. I think it should be a sub-forum in the water cooler, like it's a subforum under comics general now
  7. That's possible, i just mean the other shows went back last week. I spoke to the art director on this show a few days ago and he said they didnt give anyone a definite return date yet.
  8. I thought it looked decent. Plus it had Sydney Sweeney, and i love her.
  9. All of the NY shows except this one are back in business. Sets are standing (i saw a few of them during construction) but everything is just remaining on the stages and the crew is on hold until they are ready to go back.
  10. It's up in '24. By the time everyone is up and running again i don't see them striking again. But let's see what happens with the teamsters whose contract is up at the same time, Lindsey Dougherty seems like a tough one.
  11. Because our leadership sucks and caves and tells us" just be grateful your working"
  12. Most of the time on set 80% of the actors are sitting on crappy chairs at folding tables looking bored out of their mind waiting for the time they are needed on set for 12 hours a day making not that much money. Don't judge them by the 20% of that get dressing rooms and trailers. And the masking ended late April or early May for us in the business. Have you ever even been on set?
  13. There are around 60 productions in NY on hold right now because of the strike ready to go
  14. I would, because of this strike me and my whole union have been out of work since june.
  15. Can't wait for us in IATSE to get absolutely nothing in our contract negotiations next year if we even get back to work by then. They need to hire whoever the teamsters get as an agent but they wont and we will cave as usual