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  1. May I please have the following, assuming they are still available? Spider-Woman #1 Campbell hellions #9 nakayama joker 80th Ryan brown Alien #1 Ngu tomb of Dracula facsimile venom #4 Yardin harley #24 Louw Bettie page #1 Manara afterlife w Archie #5 Batman adv continue #3 Lee Wonder Woman 760 Szerdy harley #1 Szerdy harley #1 Louw
  2. You are asking for $170 for each book? and $20 shipped? I'll take them
  3. please Batgirl #10 NM- X-Men #283 NM Wolverine #17 NM- Incredible Hulk #177 Sensational She-Hulk #1 Catwoman #70 NM Catwoman #74 NM+ Catwoman #74 NM-
  4. Same day as I received it. Contacted them via email. That way I have proof of contact. I have not yet received a reply.
  5. Another instance of the group doing the encasing got a bit carried away and put some creases into the spine of a modern 9.8. It may not be one of the high dollar books, but it could have been someone else's grail book if mine wasn't there to catch the bullet. I have contacted customer service about this. As of now, I have not heard a response.
  6. I have a new one that I am blocking: wileis38 Just an attitude machine telling me to ‘cope’ when I congratulated him on a purchase elsewhere.
  7. These are foil covers. They reflect the scuffs beyond extremely well. Nothing fancy on my end
  8. I always see these 'scuffs' where newton rings would normally be. It's almost like they are being preemptively being scuffed to prevent the newton rings. These scuffs are really noticeable on black and foil covers. All the 'white dots' you see are the scuffs. And they are all inside the case. Lighter covers they can disappear of sorts, unless you are looking for them. But once you see them you start noticing them quite regularly. They aren't on all cases, but about 40% or so, maybe.
  9. With regards to my books with the spine creases, CGC has offered free pressing and recasing for me. Thank you CGC
  10. Not sure where to post this. Can anybody get in contact with the Artgerm peoples here in the US? I bought an original piece from the Artgerm Whatnot sale back in mid May from Eric Chen, Weijic, and I have still not received it. Weijic sold it from his home in Japan and was mailing it to Artgerm Collectibles in Orange Park, FL. I won/bought other items during the session and received them all fine. I have contact Weijic on Twitter, he says he already mailed it out some time ago. I have send a DM via Twitter, sent an email, shot out a message via Facebook (I made Facebook account just to contact them), and even got Whatnot involved. So far the only response I have received in the past three months is Whatnot willing to offer me a refund. I would prefer to have the piece instead So, just asking if anybody know anybody, can you pass this message along? Thank you
  11. Yes, each of the books came back as 9.8s. It seems when they are doing the recasing, it seems it is a simple remove from case, remove from inner sleeve, then reverse those steps and out the door. If I were to resubmit them as is, I don't think there's a chance they would be 9.8, maybe a 9.4 for a couple due to the size. The big problem for me is, and anybody else, when an expensive book is received that has big newton rings, debris, etc, do I dare send it in to be redone, running the risk that is gets a grade drop for something that should be so simple if the person is being a tad bit careful? I do agree most people do but the slabs, but if I should resale some of these, they would look horrible. I usually get a few doubles to sell, to pay for the ones I keep, which most of these were keepers....
  12. I just got a box returned that I had sent in to be recased due to newton rings etc. The problem is, whoever is is removing the books from the plastic liners seems to be doing so, spine first and bending them. I know the photos are difficult to see, but know that each one is/was a 9.8. I understand that things can happen when a books is removed from the case, but there is a definite trend with these books. I also have photos of them before sending them in. These are the worse ones, some others you can see slight bends to the spine, but not enough the crease them or break color. I am also sending in an email to submissions regarding these, 10 in total this time. The invoice with the shipment was not 'checked by QC'.
  13. My last 25 item box looked pretty good. The Newton Rings were minimal, YEA!! But now there is an abundance of debris. Nothing big, dust etc. It's just they are quite noticeable when seen against a white or black cover. I know I shouldn't be too concerned, 'it's not harming the book', 'it's barely noticeable' and so forth. But as a customer when looking at the book, if I see it on the cover, it's gonna be the first thing I see every time thereafter. Honest question, how much is too much to let go?
  14. Can CGC simply just recase the books that are sent back in without having to completely remove the books from the plastic sleeve that they are placed in? I sent back three 9.8 books with newton rings. When they returned to me, they had color breaks to the spine that would not pass for 9.8 grades. I have sent inquiries to customer service about this. I am just curious as to what the procedure is? Does the person handle to books carefully is my first concern. The second is, do they read what the problem is before they recase the book? Or does each book get removed from their sleeve and get redone completely?
  15. I was told by a customer service rep that after receipt, CGC has a two week grace period for customers with regards to returning books with quality control issues ie scuffs, newton rings, debris, etc. Is this correct? I have not heard this previously. I understand that if a book is several months old, it is past the period of having it sent back. I am just curious to know if this is in print somewhere. Thanks
  16. Yes, we would all agree. Did you submit this book? If so, contact Customer Service, they are extremely helpful and will get this squared up,
  17. I have a multi-level fail to report. I sent in two Justice League Dark #1s, a regular and a variant. I received two variant copies with the same certificate number. But I never realized it as I do send in duplicates at times and assumed I sent and received two copies of the same book. So, the main cover morphed into the variant cover at one point at CGC. One copy had newton rings and was sent back. The other I sold on ebay. The customer sent me a photo of the cert number of the one they received and it matches the cert number I sent back to CGC Going through the box of recases that returned from CGC and everything looked good. Until I noticed I had a new Zatanna book. I do collect Zatanna, so I didn't notice at first that it had a Justice League Dark #1 variant label. So, twice I had a book get replaced with another, both upgrades to a degree, and all 9.8s. Somewhere there are two customers who are wondering where their books are, as one of my regular books changed to a variant, then changed again to a Zatanna book. It's like it's Magic (CIGAM)! I am in the process of trying to clear this up.
  18. It never hurts to ask, but you’ll probably have to pay for the reholder.
  19. Sure you can bypass finicky buyers, but why deal with that problem in the first place? It also leads to a level of accountability a customer may have in the seller. I'd rather have a customer look at me as a dependable seller and have the chance to get a return customer and not burn that bridge by way of presenting defective merchandise.
  20. I understand if you are grading them to keep for your own stash, but I do quite a bit of resale and customers will point out any minor flaw that ruins the 'crystal clear' appearance of the case. Practically any tiny flaw does not seem to escape the eye of a customer. I have already had several books returned to me due to minor flaws that I thought were insignificant, but the customer thought otherwise. So, I have to look at the books/cases in the eye of how my customer would see it. Which is how CGC should look at the situation too, as I am one of their customers. I will say, the CGC customer service has picked up and pretty much accepted most anything I have requested to have re-cased. And from there, still about 10% need to be redone. That is still down from the 90%+ return rate on some of my boxes.
  21. um yes... I just received two books that were sitting outside the the plastic sleeve they were placed in before being encapsulated. They are already on their way back to be 'fixed'.
  22. They will fix it for you, send an email to submissions@cgccomics.com with your photo and such. Assuming you haven't been through this dance before.
  23. I've had about a dozen items on there, priced about 10% lower than on Ebay, and sold zero items...The Ebay items sell first and then I remove them from Myslabs inventory. They can't say I am not trying...