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  1. Last incident I will mention, and this one really bothered me. I was able to get one of the 300 J Scott Campbell AP copies of the X-Men Rogue. The signed one that he had a deal with CGC where he signed them, then sold then on his site, and CGC would accept them for a yellow label. I got my copy, it looked great and sent it on to CGC, in a top loader, in a box. It came back an 8.5…due to a corner crunch!! Something that wasn’t there to begin with. I emailed CGC to complain about this. The Rep says they have no control over the grading, noting they will not accept any packages that are damaged. So that confirmed that damage was done after it was received. I even did some shock tests with a top loader and could not replicate the damage. I was so peeved about this, I just sold it off, because I didn’t want to see it anymore.
  2. Here is a box I received recently. There was no cardboard protecting two of the ends of the box. So the books there were completely mangled. Fortunately, they were not bent, just destroyed cases. Also, I too have been getting about 30%-95% of the books received with scratches, scuffs, Newton rings, debris, etc. Even when I get this boxes back it has been about 50% of the same problem. This has all picked up in the last year. Frustrating when I am trying to sell the books. Having to wait 6-8 months for the books, which are now no longer 'hot', and then another 1-2 months to send them back in due to errors, and then again because of same or differing errors. Lastly, I was also told by one of the CSRs that there is only a two week grace period for a person to contact CGC to get them reholdered for scratches, debris, etc. Has anybody else heard that? Some errors I don't recognize the first time around until I am scanning the books. I shouldn't have to inspect each book with a magnifying glass, and I didn't have to do that just a year ago. Back then any flaws I came across were minor and/or somewhat rare.
  3. Having problems submitting anything for signing! Been going this way since 3pm. I was in the middle of an invoice and told to restart it, but then get the message that I already have an open invoice....
  4. Oh, I am loving the quick turnarounds…. But it doesn’t help when I have send half of them back for scratches/scuffs, excessive newton rings, and debris
  5. Yeah, it happened to me a couple times last November and another set just came back today that was quicker than the usual few months. My thoughts are they are receiving too many boxes and preventing them from getting to the older boxes. So they are moving out some of the newer stuff for access. Much like how a hoarder has to move some to get to their older crappier stuff.
  6. Here is what happened...start at the bottom...for someone who has a '0' rating he certainly knows quite a bit about ebay. Oh, and he sent several photos of his comic collection on plastic bins. Finally, I am assuming this is the same person I dealt with before.
  7. Be aware! I do believe this person has already made a new account neji4d-70 A person with that name has requested I drop the price on an item blah blah, just like last time. New account and also from Tupelo Mississippi.
  8. My scans always come out rather dark on my Plustek.
  9. That’s because he was kicked off of eBay. That’s was why eBay cancelled the sale. The good news, the dispute was ruled in my favor. So, the items were sold and no money was returned to the buyer.
  10. Be aware of a buyer named D. T. Randall Jr from Tupelo Mississippi. We arranged for two graded books to be shipped to him. As soon as they arrived he opened a Payment Dispute 'outside of Ebay'. USPS shows it as received the same day as the dispute was opened. It arrived in 3 days. wolfpack0nite15 has filed a payment dispute outside of eBay about an order that was placed on Nov 09, 2021. This means the buyer has disputed a charge directly with their payment provider. They are requesting $105.00 back and the reason for this dispute is that the buyer hasn't received their item yet. The best part is, Ebay knew he was a problem buyer and cancelled my sale to him AFTER I SHIPPED THE BOX!!! To double the problem, USPS failed in my Interecept Request that was issued less than an hour after the box was delivered to USPS. The only good news is Ebay says the 'dispute meets the Seller Protection Eligibility....'
  11. Just had a situation with this buyer, jc9982_cmf8bz Asked for a discount, got it, then returned the item claiming the case wasn’t properly sealed at the top, was scuffed (as seen on the photos), has Newton rings (it doesn’t). Then acted high and mighty and just superior afterwards. Turns out they also have a couple of other strikes against them from other sellers.
  12. I've worked with Rich for a few years now and nothing but solid performance. Just know that he will do his best to get all his books back in 9.8 grade and it may take some time. Rich is a one man show and a reputable one at that.
  13. I have bought items that were done by other graders in the idea that I could get them regraded by CGC for the same grade and make a few extra bucks in the process. In most cases, the original grade ended up higher than the CGC score equalling to a lower score and equal or less value. I learned my lesson and don't that any longer.
  14. Thanks for the confirmation. That’s what I thought would be the answer. Just had to check
  15. I am thinking the answer is a yes, but will CGC frown about the holographic sticker on this Last Ronin issue and mark it as a flaw?
  16. Damn...its been a week since I’ve been on an I never got a notification in my email about this
  17. Posting a book here first before it goes to Ebay. I'll give it a week and then close the thread. This copy will be bagged in mylar and dropped into a top loader for extra protection. Shipping will be $5 First class Mail or for Flat Rate Legal. Outside the US, I will contact you for costs. No returns Any will override PMs Paypal only No HOSers Amazing Spoof Comics Swimsuit Issue #4 $20 There is some stress to the front
  18. Still looking. Let me know if you would like to sell. Thanks