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  1. Can anybody tell me whose signature this is? A local comic store has this and no idea who did it. Thank you in advance.
  2. Possibly SDCC? That seems to bring everyone!! Maybe NYCC this fall? I think many got theirs signed at that show last year. Azzarello will be in Orlando soon, but no Bermejo.
  3. I'll take a Gunderson Virgin and a Kincaid Virgin copy of Dark Red at 25% off please.
  4. Could I please have the A and B copies of Magic Order #1 and the A copy of Sabrina if still available? Thank you!
  5. So why did DC release this cover upside down? I understand she looks ‘correct’ this way, but it just make any sense.
  6. Thanks Michelangelo! The NM98 came in safe and sound!
  7. Love that dragon! I'd probably choose different coloration. The detail is great
  8. I’ll go for the graded MJ, Gwen, and one of each of the Black Hammers please
  9. BAM!! Quick and sold transaction! Thank you for the expedient delivery. Never knew USPS could go that fast!!
  10. Campbell and other big name artists (Hughes, Jim Lee, etc), usually have you leave the comics with CGC and then sign them all privately. CGC will notify you if that is the case when you get to their stand. Many of the other artists or actors, CGC will send a witness with you. If the line is too long, the guy may give you his number to text, like it was mentioned above. The CGC crew have done this before and have plans in place. Other groups may have their own witnesses taking care of things too at their booths, Comic Sketch Arturo example. Basically, find the CGC booth and they will set you up!