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  1. Alfred Vs Jarvis.
  2. Why is Tombstone being shown on Syfy? Not only is it not science fiction, it's not even regular fiction. It's based on real people and real events, greatly embellished I'm sure.
  3. I had the pleasure of meeting Jack Kirby at a convention in 1986. I got a half a dozen books signed. I never considered submitting them before. I am very much considering it now.
  4. Ouch! Jimmy Kimmel just bagged on Madame Web during the Oscars monologue.
  5. The updated version and the original recipe.
  6. Not everything was good. But when it was good it was great.
  7. BTW, TCM is showing Key Largo Monday at 1:00am eastern. Set your DVRs.
  8. I now have the urge to watch Casablanca. Haven't seen it in a while.
  9. I knew it because there was a 1982 movie starring Jane Seymour and Ian McKellen. I really liked it at the time. No idea how it holds up. It's on youtube if you've got a couple of hours to burn.
  10. My first just celebrated its 50th anniversary.
  11. I don't know who came in first, but I've got second.
  12. I'm sure that $9 is difference between him having a roof over his head and being out on the street.
  13. I finally got a chance to dig out my copy of Comic Scene #5 with an interview with Jim Aparo. One of the few interviews he did. page 1