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  1. PS I Have added a "place marker" for the -script Book. I'll add the numbers if you can advise them. Regards Stephen
  2. Thank you for your kind words. I couldn't find the numbers for the -script Book. Do you know how many were printed?
  3. Further to my post on 23 June 2020, thank you to everyone who requested the rough draft, and to those who commented on it. I posted the article today:
  4. This inventory of rare The Walking Dead (TWD) comics was researched by a group of its collectors including @StephenWA, @Sensei Ryan and @BladeTX. While TWD comic #163 had a print run of over 730,000 comics, there were ten issues produced with fewer than 250 copies. This list identifies those ten comics as well as the other rare issues which include the TWD S cript Book and #2 First Printing which were the lowest-selling of the original issues. The inventory does NOT include rarities from The Walking Dead Deluxe (TWDD) series, issued from October 2020. That series also includes several "less than 250" editions, including TWDD #1 Second Printing Gold Foil edition (212) and Second Printing Red Foil edition (240) both produced for the Skybound Comic Vault Live events held on Facebook. The data included in this inventory is from a variety of sources, including Diamond, ComicChron, My Comic Shop, CGC, and members of the Facebook Walking Dead Comic Buy, Sell, Trade group. Comments and corrections are always welcome. Less than 250 - the rarest 10! 1. Here’s Negan Preview Sketch (25, each one has a unique hand-drawn sketch by Charlie Adlard on a blank cover). There is a separate thread providing more information and photographs of the known covers from this comic here 2. 1 Hyundai Variant (unknown, 31 in the CGC Registry at 21 August 2020) 3. 116 Third Printing (unknown, 39 in the CGC Registry at 21 August 2020) 4. 1 Last Wine Variant (unknown, 42 in the CGC Registry at 21 August 2020) 5. 100 Hero Initiative (105, each one has a unique hand-drawn cover. Every one of these was in the CGC Registry at 21 August 2020) 6. 15th Anniversary 98E (1:100 of 13,500) (135) 7. 15th Anniversary 48E (1:100 of 16,600) (166) 8. 15th Anniversary 108E (1:100 of 16,600) (166) 9. 100 Red Foil Edition (200, 160 of which were in the CGC Registry at 21 August 2020) 10. 15th Anniversary 100E (1:100 of 20,900) (209) 250-750 Skybound 5th Anniversary Blue Sketch, from the Blue-line box set (250, 95 of which are in the CGC Registry at 21 August 2020) Wizard World Portland 2013 Second Printing (250, 78 of which are in the CGC Registry at 31 October 2020) Walking Dead Deluxe 1 Finch Sketch Cover, Comics Vault Live exclusive (LE250, but 286 in the CGC Registry at 31 October 2020, inc. x2 graded @10 / Gem) 100 Lucille Retailer Incentive (300, 244 of which were in the CGC Registry at 31 October 2020) 15th Anniversary 19E (1:100 of 30,800) (308, 70 of which were in the CGC Registry at 31/10/2020) 150 Retailer (1:500 of 156,000) (312) Here’s Negan Preview (475) Negan Lives, Red Foil (500) 100 Ottley Sketch (Comixology 7/2012) (500) 193 Convention / SDCC 2019 (500) 1 Store Edition, 10/2018 (157 stores: each were required to order 500, but some reported as much rarer - "2nd and Charles", "Fandomverse Comics" and “Showcase Comics”) 94 Convention Sketch / the first Image Expo, held 24-26/2/2012 (500?, of which 204 were in the CGC Registry at 25 August 2020) 112 Image Expo / the second Image Expo, held 2/7/2013 (500?, of which 260 were in the CGC Registry at 21 August 2020) 1 10th Anniversary Convention (sketch) / NYCC 2013 (500?, of which 315 were in the CGC Registry at 21 August 2020) 1 Image Expo / the third Image Expo, held 7/1/2014 (500?, of which 77 were in the CGC Registry at 21 August 2020) 1 Image Expo Sketch / the third Image Expo, held 7/1/2014 (500?, of which 144 were in the CGC Registry at 21 August 2020) 129 Convention Sketch / SDCC 2014 (500?, or which 72 were in the CGC Registry at 21 August 2020) 144 Convention Sketch / SDCC 2015 (500?, of which 117 were in the CGC Registry at 21 August 2020) 115N (600, of which 264 were in the CGC Registry at 21 August 2020) 1 Wizard World Sketch editions 2013 (5 editions) (?, for VIP guests) 1 Amazing Arizona Sketch edition 2014 (?) 1 ECCC Sketch edition 2014 (?) 1 Wizard World Sketch editions 2015 (23 editions) (?, for VIP guests) 1000-5000 75 Convention / San Diego CC 2010 (1000) 78 Convention / Long Beach CC 2010 (1000) 80 Convention / Amazing Arizona CC 2011, photo cover (1000) 81 ComicsPRO, 2/2011 (1000?) 87 Convention / San Diego CC 2011, photo cover (1000) 88 Convention / Fan Expo Canada 2011 (1000) 100 Convention / San Diego CC / PX Previews 2012 (1000) All Out War (Shiva Force) 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 / SDCC 2017 (1000 sets) 115 Cover O / NYCC 2013 (1000?, of which 476 were in the CGC Registry at 21 August 2020) 127 Diamond Retailer Summit 5/2014 (1000?) 181 Convention / San Diego CC 2018, double-gatefold cover (1000?) The Governor Special 1, Green Foil Edition for ECCC 2013 (1000?) 163 Sketch (1:500 of 730,000) (1460) 35 Error (1500?) 100 Sketch (Adlard) (1:200 of 335,082) (1675) 85 Infinity and Beyond (2000) 106 Infinity and Beyond (2000) Negan Lives, Gold Foil (2500) Negan Lives, Second printing, Bronze Foil (2500) Walking Dead Weekly #39 (3359 - the lowest declared TWDW sale figure. Sales of TWDW 40-52 were even lower). 163 Variant (1:200 of 730,000) (3650) 171 Pink Lorenzo (1:20 of 84,239) (4211) 94 Convention / the first Image Expo, held 24-26/2/2012 (5000, of which 311 were in the CGC Registry at 25 August 2020) 1 Diamond Previews / PX Previews / San Diego CC 2017 (5000) Negan Lives, Silver Foil (5000) 33 Second Printing (?) 34 Second Printing (?) 50 Second printing (?) 50 Variant cover (the first TWD variant cover, art by Erik Larson) (?) Image Firsts #1 9/2010 (?) Image Firsts #1 3/2017 (?) 1 Wizard World editions 2013 (8 editions, excluding the Portland 2013 Second Printing noted above) (?, for convention guests) 1 Amazing Arizona edition 2014 (?) 1 ECCC edition 2014 (?) 1 Wizard World editions 2015 (23 editions) (?, for convention guests) Selected issues over 5000 S cript Book 1 (5191, the lowest-selling regular original issue) 2 First printing (6067, the lowest-selling from the regular original issues #1-#193) 3 (6992) 1 (7266) 4 (8339) 5 (8829) 6 (9871) 1 Cynthiana, Kentucky Edition (10,000)
  5. The Red Foil is very rare, just 500 copies were printed. The other "Foils" are also very limited: there were about 2500 Gold Foil, 2500 Bronze Foil/2nd, and 5000 Silver Foil. Matt, please consider this in your consideration of the point values. Regards Stephen
  6. I thought it was great that Kirkman/Adlard/Skybound should do this to support (I have no doubt) hard-hit local comic stores during the covid-19 lockdowns and other restrictions. And a nice and unexpected surprise for collectors. I have to say that "the foils" present beautifully.
  7. And now we have a BRONZE foil of this comic to find... That makes SIX variant covers - First Printing, Bronze Foil, Silver Foil, Gold Foil, Red Foil, and the Second Printing.
  8. Apparently yes. And there will be variant covers too. I have just seen that issue one has FIVE variants (1A, 1B, 1C, 1D and 1E). I suspect there will be another 600+ by the time we get back to 193 in seven or eight years time....
  9. I am 100% with @ZombieDealer Let's add two new sets - Walking Dead Delux with Variants (2020) and Walking Dead Delux (2020). As @Sensei Ryan has said elsewhere, I think any book eligible for the a slot in the first set should be acceptable for its corresponding slot in the second set.
  10. Congratulations @Sensei Ryan on your award for Best Presented Set. I'm really pleased for you! Best Stephen
  11. TWD comic collectors: I think we should have CGC set up two new Registry sets for us: 1. Walking Dead Delux (2020) 2. Walking Dead Delux (2020 with Variants) In my view, these do not belong in the current "2003" sets.
  12. And for the first time, Charlie will be doing covers for TWD 1-6
  13. Here are some of the colored pages from Delux issue #1 with info on the new "Cutting Room Floor" inclusion, and other news on the new versions - https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/walking-dead-comic-book-series-stages-full-color-comeback-1303703
  14. Ouch! Strangely, I feel more for Mr 9.8. Mr 9.9 might be hurting too, but he has a much rarer slab. My "rule" for buying things is "But what you like". That way, whatever happens in the future market, you'll still "Like it".
  15. When a TWD comic issue is "one per store" (for example the recent Negan Lives Gold Foil), how many does that mean were in the print run (i.e. how many stores are there)?
  16. I have bought quite a few CGC books from Ryan over the last two years. Always a good communicator, always fair, always great packaging. I recall he once went right out of his way to help me re-slab a book from CBCS to CGC. I have no doubt I'll buy from him again, and have no hesitation at all in recommending him to you.
  17. Tom and I completed a high-value trade in May 2020. I sent him a comic and he sent me one (+cash) in return. Everything worked well, and I am pleased to recommend him as a "comic partner" to others.
  18. I bought my three Negan Lives covers from eBay, and the first one (Silver cover) arrived in the mail today. It presents beautifully. I'm waiting for a Red logo regular one to arrive so I can read the "Negan News"...
  19. I have been working with a few TWD "nuts" (and fountains of wisdom) to create a list of TWD rarities - those limited edition comic runs from conventions and from special boxes (etc). We have a rough draft to share. If anyone here would like to see it/comment on it/correct it before we post it on here for the world to refer to, please ping me a DM with your email address :-)
  20. Dear Matt Please take a look at The Walking Dead #33, Second Printing, slot ID https://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/comics/SlotScoreDetail.aspx?SlotID=128973 This is the rare edition with the blue cover (the First printing had a red cover), and was a very limited run. In the market, it attracts a premium of about 4-5x the First printing. This is evidenced from sellmycomicbooks.com in the screenshot attached (and see https://www.sellmycomicbooks.com/the-walking-dead-comic.html - look just about half way down the page). I suggest that the current 48 points for 9.8U should be increased to about 150-200. Thank you for your consideration. Thank you for your patience. I have increased the score accordingly.
  21. Interesting. Thanks for adding to the debate.
  22. I'm sure (as ItsJustRyan has said) that the total may be overstated for precisely the reason he states. Fires, floods, vengeful partners, etc. may also take a toll on the current graded totals of any book. Certainly, there is no re-census...
  23. The key to duty free is the words "Comic book" on the customs declaration. I have just paid £13.75 to have a parcel released for delivery. It contains x2 Walking Dead comics. If the words book/comic book are on the declaration, I will complete form BOR286 for a full refund. If the declaration says (something/anything like) "walking dead collectible", "walking dead 123 and 124", I can complete the same form and send my evidence (e.g. an eBay or PayPal print out) and I will get the duty back, but not the £8 handling fee. A lot of bother for £5.75, so I likely won't... Key therefore is ALWAYS to impress on the shipper the importance of the words on the declaration. Cheers Stephen PS If your duty numbers (£) ever get big (e.g. charged on mis-declared high value comic books), let me know. I have the chapter and verse on UK customs laws...