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  1. Anybody want a great deal on that iconic #19 cover? This is TWD Argentinian edition #10, and it has that cover. I just upgraded my copy of it to a 9.8, and so this is going spare. I have it listed on eBay for 35 GBP (50 USD), but happy to do a deal if someone here wants it (I am in the UK).
  2. Castration definitely. After you've been married a while, you won't need those anyway, so you may as well resolve that misery without further delay...
  3. We're flying into Houston, and driving to see family near Dallas, prior to a circular road trip back to Houston. Not sure of the routing yet, but I'll be in touch in good time. Be good to get dinner and/or a beer! Any love yet for Mr Shumacher or Mr Mazepin?
  4. Hiya Tom. I'm really not looking - now or ever - to collect a full TWDD Registry set. I have a few, and these are mainly rarities and ones I like. My current objective is to complete the TWD 2003 with Variants set in 9.8 or SS, and I am slowly making progress towards that (I bought my final wanted 2013/5 Wizard World Edition in 9.8 just last week). First two F1 races have been great, doncha think? Max really has a shot at being Champion this time (but my prediction is that Lewis will edge it). Bring on Portimao... Stay well, Tom. Best wishes, SA PS My wife and I have flights to Texas booked for Jan 2022.
  5. I watched season 10, episode 22 "Here's Negan" last night (we get it a day late in the UK due to the time difference). I think it was an AWESOME episode. I'm not going to spoil your first watch, except to say: 1. Look for Negan's surname... 2. Look for the Iron Maiden Easter egg... 3. A jukebox dispute is how all this started... Brilliant episode, actors Jeffrey and Hilarie, and writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick. Clearly one of the best episodes in the series.
  6. Commenting upon "...today was the last time..." Suggest never say "never". Maybe you should just see it as taking a break. I loved comics as a kid. I know I had a SS #1 - long, long since binned. My break was a long one. I came back to comics when I started loving The Walking Dead. It doesn't matter what might trigger your return. But just something you love, eh?
  7. I am attracted to @SeanYork's sentiments here. It is unfortunate to see that no/nil/nada/zilch requests to add a book to a set in the correct 2021 thread has been attended to so far this year - already a c. seven-week backlog. I have never understood CGC's (apparent) two-step process. It would seem logical to me that when a book is graded, and a unique number allocated to it, that book should be added right away to the current set/s it is eligible for. At some point in the future, someone will want to add it to a set. When I have a book graded, or buy a graded book, I really want to be able to add it straight away. I do not understand why - particularly if it is a newly issued book - I then have to request, and wait, for it to be added to a current set. This would cut OUR waiting, and your work, Matt. I believe the majority of your function could be reduced to creating sets for new series and new sets requested by CGC members. In writing, I would like to see a new, specific thread each year to request Registry adjustments (such as "remove this book" from sets). At present, I feel we have to guess where to put a request to you like this. Regards Stephen
  8. I agree with Shawn @bigclutch. The TWD franchises could (and should) go on for a very long time. What we've seen may only be the start...
  9. Every country has its own position on taxes, and I think it is a good idea for anyone moving goods across borders to understand the rules for the applicable territories. For example, I live in the UK. Books (including comic books) are tax and duty free when imported into my country. The origin of this position was "there should be no taxation of knowledge", and this is now interpreted broadly. The upshot is that the shipper (CGC or anyone overseas that I purchase from) must write the word "Book" on the customs declaration. If they do so, the packages arrives tax and fuss-free. If they fail to do this, I have to pay the taxes and then (try to) reclaim them. It will likely be different in different countries, and when importing different items (such as trading cards). I believe it is well worth your time to review your government's websites. The published rules are (should be) those implemented by border agents. I hope this helps, regards Stephen
  10. The sale price of TWD #1 seems to be cranking up everywhere. And this is being widely commented upon in the TWD, CGC and other comic FB Groups. Recommendation: "HOLD"
  11. Hi there, and welcome about the good ship TWD! #100 was the first Negan, and there were 20 different covers for the issue - see Best wished from the UK Stephen
  12. Hi Ryan, wishing you a belated happy 29th (or something) birthday. I hope you managed to find something fabulous to do to remember your special day. When I was 40 (which was... cough, cough...) a few years ago, I did a round-the-world trip. I spent my 40th birthday in Tokyo, and flew to Vancouver overnight, where I landed on the morning of my 40th birthday #InternationalDateLine I thought your "page" present from @BladeTXand @Crops068was just AWESOME! Best wishes Stephen
  13. I saw this in the week in a collected-posts e-mail, and I thought what a thoughtful and generous gift for @Sensei Ryan's birthday. #Respect
  14. I am a UK-based collector too, and have spent MILLIONS on shipping fees to/fro the US over the years (well, probably not 000,000s in fact, but often it feels like it). I think the commercial opportunity to grade comics in the UK is one that CGC should look at. I know I would use it, and know others too who are sick of inflated postage charges and slow (or lost) deliveries.
  15. Firstly, I say what I always say. Buy what you like at a price you can afford. I collect the TWD comics because I like them. If a price moves (either up, or down), like any other investment, I learn from it. Secondly, TWD is an immense franchise with comics, TV, theme park rides and other collectibles. The Deluxe (colour) comics have just launched. For a while, we've believed that one, two or three theatre movies are also on the way. There is a HUGE audience for a great story out there. That's why the TWD story will always be re-, re-, re-told. The future possibilities are endless... (imagine looking in 1963 at the first - or the first 193 - Spider-man comics and envisioning where that journey might lead!). Price is determined by the market; supply vs demand. Prices will always correct to reflect this equation, and "massive" (your term) changes do come along, but not often. And usually, unpredictably. Good luck - whatever you decide to collect. Stephen
  16. While browsing that well-known auction site, I saw a WoWo #750 Sketch Edition drawn by the afore mentioned artist. I liked it, and bought it (I bought it BECAUSE I liked it). I don't remember what I paid, but I do recall thinking it was a bargain for "original art". I knew NOTHING about the copying of others' work - I have only found this thread today while looking for references to the artist's work. And there is a certain irony here.... I wrote to the artist saying that he should consider submitting his work to CGC for grading as Signature Series. "You'll likely be able to sell it for more..." I recall expressing. His reply thanked me for my comment, but said that he was OK selling as he was. It did surprise me at the time. Now I submitted that comic to CGC for grading in November 2020 and it is its way back to me now (rightly) graded with a green label (NAME AND SKETCH WRITTEN ON COVER IN MARKER). From liking the art, it will now feel like a low-point of my collection. Should I keep it? Sell it? Destroy it? I don't know yet, it's still not in my possession. I am an author. I would be irritated (or annoyed) if people were using my work without permission and without attributing it to me. This is a civil matter, and ultimately it is for a creator to take action. I register my works with an international royalties collections company. I can provide the details of anyone is interested (please DM me). Stephen
  17. Hey @BladeTX, I was sent a photograph of that Rathburn back cover, and have added it into the thread. It was sketched at NYCC '17, and also signed by RK (hence the Yellow/Green label). I understand it sold for $4k.
  18. The History of #FoilFever: The Walking Dead (TWD) Foil Fever started back in 2004 with the Image Vol 1 Retailer Incentive Hardcover (shown in the photograph below). These were sent to comic stores to promote the release of TWD Vol 1. We believe they were a limited edition of just 500 (LE500). According to Shawn @bigclutch Kirkman's Facebook page, "These are very rare". There have also been Chromium comics, such as one of the x20 TWD #100 variants and the Mexican La Mole Comic Con 2019 edition. But these are not officially #FoilFever Foil Fever 2020: There was much excitement in August 2020 when Skybound launched its #foilfever hashtag for the new Negan Lives! #1 sequel comic to TWD main series. The comic picked up the Negan story from TWD comic #174, where Negan had left to be alone. Before this, Skybound had produced other comics with #foil TWD logos, and in October 2020 it continued its #foilfever campaigning with issue #1 of The Walking Dead Deluxe (TWDD) coloured reprint series. This article captures all of the #foilfever comics as a master inventory for TWD and TWDD collectors. TWD Foil pre-2020: Vol 1 Retailer Incentive Hardcover (2004 book) #100 Red Foil Edition (July 2012, LE200, of which 160 had been graded by CGC at 15/12/2020) The Governor Special - Green Foil Edition (produced for Emerald City Comic Con 2013, LE1000, of which 312 had been graded by CGC at 15/12/2020) TWD Foil Negan Lives!: Silver Foil, First Printing (two per store, c.5000, of which 464 had been graded by CGC at 15/12/2020) Gold Foil, First printing (one per store, c.2500, of which 417 had been graded by CGC at 15/12/2020) Red Foil, First Printing (Image and Skybound employees only + a small number in Mystery Boxes, LE500, of which 161 had been graded by CGC at 15/12/2020) Bronze Foil, Second Printing (one per store, c.2500, of which 195 had been graded by CGC at 15/12/2020) TWDD #1 Foil: #1 Finch Gold Foil (one per store, c.2500 + 100 CGC 9.8 sold at Skybound Holiday XPo 8 December 2020 = c.2600, of which 214 had been graded by CGC at 15/12/2020). Some of these show a barcode on the rear cover, and some not. #1 Finch Ruby Red Foil (quantity unknown, but low. 116 had been graded by CGC at 15/12/2020) #1 Finch Black Foil (Skybound Black Foil Friday on Cyber Monday 30 November 2020, LE200. 286 had been graded by CGC at 15/12/2020 / no "raws") #1 Second Printing Gold Foil Edition (212 graded by CGC, sold in Skybound's Comic Vault Live (CVL) events). Colour Rick cover #1 Second Printing Red Foil Edition (240 graded by CGC, also sold in CVL events). Sketch Rick cover Other TWDD Foil: #2-12 Second Printing Gold Foil Edition (CVL exclusives). Colour covers featuring Glenn (#2), Lori (#3), Carl (#4), Andrea (#5), Shane (#6), Tyreece (#7), Dale (#8), Julie (#9), Hershel (#10), Maggie (#11) and Carol (#12) #2-12 Second Printing Red Foil Edition (CVL exclusives). Sketch covers with same characters in the same order as the Gold editions. #13 Gold Foil Edition (Diamond UK Thank You edition), 10 graded by CGC as at 13/6/2022. #19 Darboe Variant (CVL exclusive) with Purple (Pink) foil, 282 graded by CGC as at 13/6/2022. #27 Local Comic Store Day Foil Edition (silver foil) #27 Johnson variant (ECCC), green cover, foil blood and SFX (also CVL Edition A / 127 in the CGC Registry on 13/6/2022) #27 Johnson variant (C2E2), blue cover, foil blood and SFX (also CVL Edition B / 237 in the CGC Registry on 13/6/2022) TWD Foreign language editions: #31 Blue Foil, Italian Edition #31 SaldaPress Variant Edition (each comic uniquely numbered from a limited edition of 6000) Thank you for reading this article. Your comments and additions to the list are welcomed!