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  1. Interesting. Is therefore the print date the KEY determinant to distinguish one from the other? CGC dates comics in mm/yyyy. Is it possible that a comic could be reprinted in the same month and thus show the same mm/yyyy? Is there a DEFINITIVE source of such definitions? If you have a minute, please help me with some TWD examples: 1. TWD #2/7/8 each have first and second printings. Is the second one in each case a variant or a reprint? #2 shows 11/03 and 02/04 for the first and second printings; #7 shows 4/04 as the header date in both cases; #8 shows 5/04 in both cases, though the indica for the second shows 7/04. 2. TWD #150 has six different covers. Are all/any of them variant? reprints? 3. There are seven individually dated $1 TWD #1 Image Firsts. Same question - any/all variants? any/all reprints? This might not matter too much - I'm not sure. You raised the point, and as I said I am just keen to present my journal correctly. I'm sure that comics-wise, it is accurate. Regards Stephen
  2. Interesting point. I can easily see some duplication for pressing and/or signatures. Of the 3204 presently in the CGC Registry (an increase by one this week), 470 are Signature Series.
  3. The 253 is in English language. Of course there are more if you add in foreign editions, or #1 cover swipes (as the #75 herein).
  4. I just saw that you already have the book. If you paid import duty or VAT, you can claim it back. Look online for form BOR286
  5. Hi Paul, Here is another money-saving tip for you/your seller/buyer. I live in the UK too. Make sure the you (or the shipper) writes "Comic Book" on the shipping label. This way, the package will pass through UK customs without any tax/duty/fees. Books, including comic books, are duty free into the UK. Regards Stephen
  6. For me, still the #1 surprising fact about this comic is that of the supposed 7266 comics printed (and I have read the string about US/others/Kirkman give-aways, etc), as of now, 3203 have been graded by CGC. This is over 44% of the whole/alleged print run! And I wonder what was the status or fate of the other 4063 copies: slabbed by other grading co's, stored bagged and boarded in long-boxes, binned or sent for recycling...
  7. There are 253 to choose from (including the Black and White MATURE READERS from 2003, the 157 store variants from 2018 and The Last Wine from 2019). My journal (you'll find it in this string) lists them all... Cheers Stephen
  8. According to howtolovecomics.com "variant covers are comics that have a different cover to that of the regular shipping cover while still have the same contents". I would like to present my journal correctly. If you can advise further, I'd be pleased to hear from you again. Thank you for taking the time to look. Regards, Stephen
  9. Please take a look at The Walking Dead 1 Second Printing WW Portland Edition 2013 https://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/comics/SlotScoreDetail.aspx?SlotID=170441 This was limited to just 250 copies and attracts a selling price premium of x4 over the other 2013 Wizard World TWD editions. Suggest its score might be bumped from 48 for a 9.8U to about 160-200. Thank you for considering. Score Updated. Thank you
  10. I love TWD. I have watched every TV episode (and FTWD). I hope they make one or more films too. TWD is the #1 comic I collect. I enjoyed (mostly!) reading through this thread. My CGC Journal is on TWD #1 - here is a link to it for anyone who might be interested:
  11. I tried Chrome, and everything is back in the correct presentation. Thank you ! Funny - Apple/Safari is normal awesome for everything! Regards Stephen
  12. Hi Matt Thank you for your check and quick response. Something peculiar is happening. When I open ANY of my sets, or comics on my Mac (usingSafari), all the text shows as bold. Until last week it was just showing fine. And now it is not. On my iPad however, the same text is fine (it is presented in the font/bold as I entered it). Any ideas why it is showing differently? Sorry to be a bother. Regards Stephen Hi Stephen, The website that we use to host the CGC registry is a bit outdated so I can only assume that a small change that we made had a ripple effect. Sometimes, lesser used browsers are not updated due to time/budget constraints. I use google chrome and everything is working fine. Our long term goal is to have the CGC registry merged onto the www.cgccomics.com website but this will take a lot of time, effort and money of course.
  13. Hello Matt, This may not be the perfect place for this note, but I do know that you look here. Something has gone wrong with collectors' texts in "Set Descriptions" - it has all gone bold in presentation, whereas I used to use bold text to highlight certain aspects of my text. Likewise "Comic Descriptions" have also been similarly effected. PLEASE correct this by reinstating the former presentation. Thank you in anticipation, Regards Stephen Hello @StephenWA, Can you please let me know if there are specific sets that this is affecting? I browsed a handful of your sets and do not see any issues. I checked a few of your TWD sets as I get the feeling that you are a fan.
  14. Thank you Matt. Appreciated : - ) I hope you and yours are staying safe in these crazy times. Best wishes Stephen
  15. Hello Matt - Any news? I am sure it is a duplicate entry... @SenseiRyan What are your thoughts on this? Hello @StephenWA, Thank you for your patience. Our graders confirmed that the standard issue of this book does not exist and the slot has been removed. The set now contains the variant issues only.
  16. That's a good price for this baby. Surprised she's not gone yet....
  17. The Walking Dead: Here's Negan Preview Sketch edition (just 25 copies, with hand-drawn cover)
  18. Hi Matt, A quirky comic addition, ID https://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/Comics/SlotScoreDetail.aspx?SlotID=269012 has sneaked into the TWD with variants 2003 set (https://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/comics/SetTypeDetail.aspx?SetTypeID=1984). I don't think such a comic exists - please check, and if necessary remove it. There are 157 Store Editions, plus the "Retailer" edition, which presently sits alphabetically amongst the rest at "R". Regards Stephen Hello @StephenWA, I have reached out to our graders for confirmation and will update the set if necessary. Thank you.
  19. I live in the UK. But have holidayed and made work trips to the US since 1991. Five years ago, my wife and I decided to visit all 50 states. We checked them off as we completed our list using (our recommended) app "Been". We completed seven road trips including two coast-to-coast to finish off the states we had not previously visited. I remember a discussion as to what actually constitutes having "been" to a city or state. Our conclusion was based on three determinants: 1. We had to stay overnight; 2. We had to have a beer in a local bar; and 3. We had to have a story to tell when we left. On our travels, we used Google to find comic shops in cities as we passed through ("Comic shop near me" with location services activated). Thus we have been to a lot of US comic shops! Most cities have 2-4 that we could find; of course some have more. We met some super-nice people. I remember meeting Chewbacca (the late Peter Mayhew)'s best man in Boise, Idaho, and some zombie extras from The Walking Dead in Atlanta, GA. I'm a returnee to comics after collecting them as a kid. I missed the late 80s-early 90s "hay-day" as others have described it. I just wanted to say that comics stores are still "out there" and generally crewed by great, really pleasant people. And thank you to my wife for indulging me...
  20. Hi Matt Please amend the slot name on this comic https://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/comics/SlotScoreDetail.aspx?SlotID=207375 to "Walking Dead 1 Wizard World Columbus Sketch Edition (2015)". The labels on the graded comics ARE correct, but the slot name in the Registry shows "Ohio" instead of Columbus. Thank you, Stephen Slot name updated. Thank you
  21. It's not mine. I don't recall where I got this front from. If its owner sees this post/string, I'd be pleased to receive for posting a scan of the back.
  22. Again, I am trying to get ahead of the curve. I am a collector of this set, and would like it shown accurately. Please add the books. Regards Stephen
  23. Please correct the set listing for issue #25 of Walking Dead (Italy) https://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/Comics/SetTypeDetail.aspx?SetTypeID=4887 There are 16 different covers in total as follows (the current listing for #25 can be amended or deleted): Newsstand cover A, Axe Newsstand cover B, Bat Newsstand cover C, Chainsaw Newsstand cover D, Machete Adlard Sketch Variant Chromium 100 Variant Lucca Comics and Games Variant Lucille Variant Negan Variant Hitch Variant McFarlane Variant Ottley Variant Phillips Variant Quitely Variant Silvestri Variant Zombie Walk Variant Thank you, Stephen CGC has only graded the regular issue and Walking Dead Weekly #25. I am not able to add the other slots as we have not graded any of the books. Thank you
  24. Please correct the set: Walking Dead (Italy) https://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/Comics/SetTypeDetail.aspx?SetTypeID=4887 The existing comic #43 in the Registry "Adlard & Lucca Variant Edition" https://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/Comics/SlotScoreDetail.aspx?SlotID=257261 is actually TWO comics, and was previously added inaccurately. The registry should show that there are FOUR versions of #43: #43 #43 Adlard Variant #43 Lucca 2016 Variant #43 Zombie Walk 2016 Variant (to be added please as per my earlier request in this thread). Thank you, Stephen We only have the regular issue of Walking Dead #43 in our system and have not graded any of the variants yet. I did not make changes to this section as the current slots are empty. I am happy to update the slots once CGC grades the Italian Edition of any of the books as this will confirm the information. Thank you