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  1. That's my first thought every time I see CGC throwing out "legendary". Seems like CGC is using "legendary" as much as collectors use "grail".
  2. My suggestion on curtains wasn't at all meant to be sarcastic. It's literally what I use in my collectibles room and I recommend it to everyone who's worried about light exposure to their comics/cards.
  3. I've had my comics on the wall for years. No dungeon here. Just 1 room that is properly set up so that no direct light is on them. There are solutions out there and thinking that CGC will magically start doing UV slabs isn't the solution, at least not now. Just wrap your slab in saran wrap and you'll be fine.
  4. These might provide some info on Adventure Publications and what happened to Steve Milo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adventure_Publications https://devathon.com/blog/interview-with-entrepreneur-steve-milo/ https://www.cbr.com/marvel-names-au-founder-steve-milo-president-of-new-media/
  5. Agreed If you don't like it then maybe stop sending in books or try another grading company? Its the same problem in the card grading world right now even without the signing aspect.
  6. There's lots of books that got hyper inflated recently and for me, ASM300 is towards the top of the list. The Venom movie being a stinker and the trailer for #2 looking even worse doesn't help the value. Newer collectors rushed out to overpay for copies of their "grail" and there's still thousands of copies out there. I don't see Venom as a tier 1 villain or anti-hero for that matter but maybe I'll be proven wrong and this will double/triple again in future value. Probably doesn't help my view that I felt the Cates run was very overrated as well.
  7. The ignore option is not helpful when other people quote the person you ignored and you have to continue to see their ignorance. I don't object to any of those. Did you misquote me? I agree with your last couple of posts and I was talking about the other problematic member.
  8. Where are you or any other moderators when its the same problematic board members over and over again? Sent you a DM a while back and never received a response.
  9. So you do not believe that Black Panther was culturally significant? Does not matter about Black Panther being the first mainstream black superhero?
  10. Sigh, I can't believe I'm replying to you because it seems like you just don't get it sometimes and like to just flat out argue but here goes: Human Torch is not culturally significant in any way. Black Panther is. Do you really not see the difference between Human Torch being played by Michael B. Jordan or a white actor playing Black Panther? Do you not see the significance in Black Panther being the first mainstream black superhero for Marvel? Do you not see the cultural significance in the Black Panther movies and what that did for black youth looking up to an actual mainstream black superhero with huge cinematic success?
  11. Came here to give my thoughts on Wandavision and I see people turning this into some other wild discussion with hot garbage takes that I'm not going to touch. I really liked how Wandavision started and found myself really interested in the mystery. The 2 main actors did a fantastic job playing off of each other. I did find the show became weaker when they transitioned to showing glimpses of the outside world and focusing on the police and Monica Rambeau. I never understand why these shows do such a great job with writing and giving actors the chance to act and then they throw these awful characters like Director Hayward on the screen. The show kind of fell apart for me when Randall Park, Kat Dennings and Teyonah Parris were leading the way. I find other Marvel movies do this often where they move away from their bread and butter wasting time on other characters that most people don't care about. I understand building other characters but I'd rather focus entirely on the characters with the shows namesake.
  12. A cheap photo box works or as others said, natural sunlight outside. Really makes the colors on the cover pop as well. That's how i've been taking most of my Instagram pictures. Of course don't leave the book in direct sunlight for longer than you need to.
  13. While it's absolutely possible that its happening at CGC, I do tend to find newer collectors that think they know about grading and are usually disappointed when they send in books that they completely missed a defect on. Who pressed your books? Another problem are newer collectors sending their books to either new pressers or those who have been pressing for a while but just aren't that good at it. I tend to see the probability more likely of those avenues instead of a CGC employee causing those "finger bends" even if it is a possibility.
  14. Collectors tend to value certain traits over others. Goes back to "buy the book, not the grade". For my PC and value withstanding, I'd rather have a centered wrap on a mid grade book with some spine ticks over a 9.0 with a miswrap. I know others who value spine ticks over the wrap. I'm happy having nicely presenting mid grade books. I'll take a stained book in low to mid grade if it presents well otherwise over paying much more for a higher grade copy with a wrap like the 9.2 shown in the first post.
  15. Definitely some bash Brie Larson going on here....pretty easy to go back and see it. I do think that there is a bit of "over-dramatizing" on certain posts from @therealsilvermane but there's been plenty of toxic responses in return. I tend to agree with that member on their posts but they do seem to be bringing up certain aspects once in a while that could be left on the back burner or discussed on another thread. It's all perspective.....so can we go back to just talking about Captain Marvel 2 now and cut the nonsense out?
  16. Why can't this thread just stay on topic in relation to Captain Marvel 2? It seems like most of it is just people coming here to bash Brie Larson or bring up other topics. Oh that's right almost forgot, typical toxic forum members/posts.